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Books & Chapbooks

  • Troubled: A Memoir in Poems and Documents. Coach House Books, 2008
  • Seminal: Canadian Gay Male Poetry. (anthology). Arsenal Pulp Press. 2007.
  • Desire Doom & Vice. (anthology). Wingate Press. 2005.
  • Ruined Stars. (poetry) ECW Pres, 2004
  • Spells. )novel) ECW Press, 2003
  • The Monster Trilogy. (play) Coach House Books, 2003
  • Geeks, Misfits & Outlaws. (anthology). McGilligan Press. 2003
  • Common Sky: Canadian Writers Against The War. (anthology). Three Squares Press. 2003
  • Coastlines: Atlantic Canadian Poetry. (anthology). Goose Lane Editions. 2002.
  • An Herbal For Men. (chapbook w/Allyson Mitchell). Bucky & Fluff Craft Factory.
  • Invisible To Predators. ECW Press. Fall 1999.
  • Camera, Woman. (play) Coach House Books, 1998
  • A Quilted Heart. Insomniac Press. Fall 1998.
  • Contra/Dictions: Queer Male Fiction (anthology). Arsenal Pulp Press. 1998.
  • Written in the Skin (anthology). Insomniac Press. 1998.
  • Rhubarb-O-Rama! (anthology of plays). Blizzard Press. 1998.
  • 96 Tears (in my jeans). (chapbook) Broken Jaw Press. 1998.
  • Restless Requiem: Catherine Hale's Seductive Altars (art catalogue). Art Centre, University of New Brunswick Press. 1998.
  • Gay Love Poetry (anthology). Robinson Publishing U.K. 1997.
  • The Ecstatic Moment: The Best of Libido (anthology). Dell Books. 1997.
  • To Monsieur Desmoulins ... (chapbook). Tortoise Shell and Black. 1997.
  • a selection of dazzling scarves. ECW Press, 1996.
  • DISCovering Authors: Canadian Series (CD Rom). Gale Research. Sept. 1996.
  • Carnival: A Scream In High Park Reader (anthology). Insomniac Press. 1996.
  • Painted, Tainted, Sainted by Sky Gilbert (introduction). PUC Press. 1996.
  • Blues and True Concussions: 6 New Poets (anthology). Anansi Press. 1996.
  • Plush (anthology). Coach House Press. 1995.
  • Symbiosis: The Clinic (art catalogue). Symbiosis Collective. 1995.
  • The Last Word (anthology). Insomniac Press. 1995.
  • Semiotext(e) CANADAS (anthology). Semiotext(e) Publications. 1994.
  • Beyond Bad Times (anthology). Snowapple Press. 1993.
  • Expressions: Writing About Psychiatric Survival (anthology). Expressions Press. 1993.
  • Shout and Speak Out Loud: Atlantic Canadians on Child Sexual Abuse (anthology). Wild East. 1993.
  • William Forrestali's (Muted) Cornucopia (art catalogue). Studio 21 Halifax. 1992.
  • The InCorrupt Tables. Wild East/Salamanca Chapbooks. 1992. Reprinted 1995.

R.M. Vaughan's works copyright © to the author.

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