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Publications (Books)


  • Manual for Emigrants. Toronto: Tightrope, 2007
  • The Matuschka Case: Selected Poems 1970-2005. Toronto: TSAR, 2006
  • Peace and War (with Goran Simic). Toronto, 1998
  • Jonestown. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1996
  • Whitefaces. Windsor: Black Moss, 1986
  • Madwomen. Windsor: Black Moss, 1978. Edited and with an introduction by Al Purdy
  • Within the Wound. Ottawa and Montreal: Northern Journey, 1976
  • In the Wake Of. Ottawa and Kingston: Northern Journey, 1974
  • Strange Ironies. Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, 1972

Criticism, Bibliography & Nonfiction:

  • The Making of a Name: The Inside Story of the Brands We Buy (with Steve Rivkin). New York: Oxford University Press, 2004
  • The Monthly Epic: A History of Canadian Magazines. Toronto: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 1989
  • John Glassco: An Essay and Bibliography. Toronto: ECW, 1984
  • The Style of Innocence. Toronto; Clarke, Irwin, 1972. Comparative study of Ernest Hemingway and Morley Callaghan


  • In the Village of Alias. Porters Lake, N.S.: Pottersfield, 1986


  • The Collected Poems and Translations of Edward A. Lacey. Toronto: Colombo & Company, 2000

Publications (Separately Published Works Broadsides):

  • A Memorial. Toronto: Letters Bookshop, 1994. twobitter poetry series
  • The Death and Life of Doctor Bethune. Toronto: Letters, 1986. 2 Bit poetry series
  • Dunrobin. Baddeck, N.S.: Scottish-Canadian Literary Celebration, 1979
  • The Last Words of the Rev. Jim Jones. Toronto: League of Canadian Poets, n.d.
  • Some Cases in Point. Montreal: The Word Bookshop, 1977. Chough series
  • Madwomen. Toronto: Dreadnaught Press, n.d. 52 Pick up series


  • Reviewer, 1986-90, and Senior Contributing Reviewer, The Globe and Mail, 1998�
  • Paperback Reprints and Little Magazines & Small Press columnist, Quill & Quire, Toronto, 1974-75
  • Staff Writer, Maclean-Hunter Business Publications and Canadian Travel Courier, Toronto, 1969-70
  • Reporter, Toronto Star, 1969
  • Reporter, The Globe and Mail, Toronto, 1968
  • Reporter, Wall Street Journal-Canadian Dow Jones News Service, Parliamentary Press Gallery, Ottawa, 1967
  • Reporter, Halifax Chronicle-Herald, 1966
  • Columnist and Ottawa correspondent, Pictou Advocate, 1965-69

Publications (Contributions to Books & Periodicals):

Fiction, nonfiction, criticism, and poetry (published in more than 100 periodicals and anthologies in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, France, Serbia, Iran, Albania, and Bangladesh, some of them translated into French, Serbian, Farsi, and Albanian)


  • Aloud
  • Atlantic Books Today
  • Atlantic Insight
  • The Atlantic Provinces Book Review
  • Books in Canada
  • Brick
  • Cambridge Reporter
  • Canadian Fiction Magazine
  • Canadian Forum
  • Canadian Literature
  • Canadian Poetry
  • Canadian Travel Courier
  • The Concise Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature, Second Ed., ed. William Toye
  • Contemporary Poets ed. Thomas Riggs
  • Contexts:Anthology Three ed. Glen Sorestad
  • Corner Brook [Nfld.] Western Star
  • Dalhousie Gazette
  • Descant
  • Dictionaries
  • Eastern Sure, introduction to book by Lesley Choyce
  • Edition
  • English Today
  • Food in Canada
  • Globe and Mail
  • Gravitas
  • Halifax Chronicle-Herald
  • Halifax Daily News
  • Harbour Review
  • Inner Space
  • Journal of Canadian Fiction
  • Literary Magazine Review
  • Literary Review of Canada
  • Maclean's
  • Maisonneuve
  • Masthead
  • Mi Magazin
  • New Glasgow Evening News
  • Northern Journey
  • Ottawa Citizen
  • Oxford Companion to Canadian Literature
  • Pictou Advocate
  • Public Notice
  • Quill & Quire
  • Reader's Digest
  • Revue Notes
  • Saturday Night
  • The Small Press Review
  • Strangers in the Mirror: In and Out of the Mainstream of Culture in Canada
  • Taxi News
  • The Bumper Book. Ed. John Metcalf
  • The Idler
  • The Lunatic Gazette
  • The Naming Newslette
  • National Post
  • The [University of King's College] Record
  • The Stamp Wholesaler, Burlington, Vt.]
  • St. Thomas Times-Journal
  • The Walrus
  • Third Macmillan Anthology, ed. John Metcalf and Kent Thompson
  • Thomson News Service
  • Toronto Life
  • Toronto Star
  • True North/Down Under: A Journal of Australian and Canadian Writing
  • Under the Sign of Pisces
  • Vista
  • West Pictou Echo
  • What
  • WPL News
  • Writers' News
  • Writers' Union of Canada Newsletter
  • Yours, Al: The Collected Letters of Al Purdy. Ed. Sam Solecki


  • The Independent (Dakka)


  • Pronuncia i nomi Say the Names (Ravenna)


  • Cencrastus
  • Scottish Review (Edinburgh)

United States:

  • Verbatim



  • Alive
  • Antigonish Review
  • Applegarth's Folly
  • Ariel: A Review of International English Literature
  • Canadian Literature
  • Coastlines: The Poetry of Atlantic Canada. Ed. Anne Compton, Laurence Hutchman, Ross Leckie, and Robin McGrath
  • CrossCountry
  • Dalhousie Gazette
  • Dalhousie Review
  • Ellipse
  • Germination
  • Grain
  • Halcyon
  • Impulse
  • Inner Space
  • Landmarks: An Anthology of New Atlantic Canadian Poetry of the Land. Ed. Hugh MacDonald and Brent MacLaine
  • Lichen
  • Light in Darkness
  • Manna
  • Missing Link
  • Modern Times
  • Montreal English Poetry of the Seventies. Ed. Andre Farkas and Ken Norris
  • Montreal Writers' Forum
  • Nearly an Island. Ed. Alice Hale and Sheila Brooks
  • Nebula
  • Northern Journey
  • Paperplates
  • Poetry Canada Review
  • Poetry Toronto Newsletter
  • Pottersfield Portfolio
  • Prism international
  • Quarry
  • Relations: Family Portraits. Ed. Kenneth Sherman
  • Salt
  • Sampler. Ed. Mattie Falworth
  • Saturday Night
  • Seven Persons Repository
  • Split Level
  • Storm Warning 2. Ed. Al Purdy
  • Targya
  • The Atlantic Anthology, Vol.2:Poetry. Ed. Fred Cogswell
  • The Canadian Forum
  • The Communicator
  • The Fiddlehead
  • The Globe and Mail
  • The Grad Post
  • The Headless Angel
  • The Idler
  • The Poets of Canada. Ed. John Robert Colombo
  • The Tamarack Review
  • This is My Best: Poems Selected by Ninety-one Poets
  • Tide
  • Tributaries. Ed. Barry Dempster
  • Un Dozen. Ed. Judith Fitzgerald
  • Versus
  • Waves
  • West Pictou Echo
  • Whale Sound. Ed. Greg Gatenby
  • Why Not
  • Writers' News


  • Dhaka Independent

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • Zarez (Sarajevo)


  • Zaretz (Zagreb)


  • Arvon Poetry Foundation Poetry Competition 1980 Anthology. Ed. Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney


  • La Traductiere:poesie-art visuel (Ve Festival Franco-Anglais de Poesie Paris/Atlantic


  • Saaheb Ghalam (Tehran)
  • Shargh, Tehran

New Zealand:

  • South Ocean Review

Serbia and Montenegro:

  • Antologija kanadske poezije (Novi Sad)
  • Remnants of Light: Poets from Abroad (1964-2004 (Belgrade)

United States:

  • Adirondack Review
  • Amarillo Bay
  • Failbetter
  • Fairfield Review
  • New: American and Canadian Poetry
  • Women's Quarterly
  • >

Short Stories & Other Fiction


  • Alive
  • Antigonish Review
  • Canadian Fiction Magazine
  • Canadian Short Fiction Anthology Vol.2 Ed. Paul Belserene.
  • Great Canadian Murder and Mystery Stories. Ed. Don Bailey and Daile Unruh
  • Illusion One: Fables, Fantasies and Metafictions. Ed. Geoff Hancock
  • Journal of Canadian Fiction
  • Magic Realism. Ed. Geoff Hancock
  • Metavisions. Ed. Geoff Hancock
  • Northern Journey
  • Pottersfield Portfolio 2
  • Public Notice
  • Shoes & Shit. Ed. Geoff Hancock
  • Singularities: Fragments, Parafictions, Prose Poems -- New Directions in Fiction and Physics.
  • Companeros: An Anthology of Writings About Latin America. Ed. Hugh Hazelton and Gary Geddes
  • The Idler
  • University of Windsor Review


  • Ars (Tirana)


  • Short Short Stories. Ed. Reingard M. Nischik (Paderborn)

Serbia and Montenegro:

  • Stvaranje (Cetinje)
  • Knijizevne Novinje (Belgrade)

Fraser Sutherland's works copyright © to the author.

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