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Book Reviews

The Red Shoes: Margaret Atwood Starting Out

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  • Ayre, John. "How a Gothic girl became Canada's top literary star," The Globe and Mail, August 29, 1998: D14
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  • Currie, Jay. Two Chairs, September 1998.
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  • Neilsen, Lorri. "A Role Model Nonetheless," The Sunday Daily News, September 27, 1998.
  • Naves, Elaine Kalman. "The first 40 years of Atwood's life," Books and Visual Arts, Saturday August 29, 1998.

Shadow Maker: the life of Gwendolyn MacEwen

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  • "Biography wins Toronto Book Award", Globe & Mail September 30, 1996: pC3.
  • Farr, Moira. "Women beware critics: Moira Farr on Rosemary Sullivan's biography of Gwendolyn MacEwen, Germaine Greer's last rant, and the love-hate relationship between women and poetry," This Magazine v29 n5 (January, 1996): p26-28.
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  • "Retracing a poet's life path: Rosemary Sullivan hunts the mysteries of special lives," Globe & Mail October 10, 1995: pD1,D2.
  • In Toronto Star September 16, 1995: pH19.
  • In Quill & Quire v61 n9 (September, 1995): p61.
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By Heart: Elizabeth Smart: A Life

  • In Canadian Literature n133 (Summer, 1992): p146-149.
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  • "Writing a life: Elizabeth Smart's aggressive spirit forced her biographer to get it right," Books In Canada v20 n3 (April, 1991): p29-32.
  • "I am the obsessional type" [excerpts from By Heart: Elizabeth Smart, A Life by Rosemary Sullivan], Globe & Mail March 9, 1991: pC1,C8.
  • In Quill & Quire v57 n2 (February, 1991): p29.

Poetry By Canadian Women

  • In Queen's Quarterly v97 n3 (1990): p479-482.
  • In Canadian Woman Studies v11 n3 (Spring, 1991): p93-94.
  • In Canadian Materials v17 n4 (July 1989): p194.
  • In Quill and Quire v55 n6 (June 1989): p40.
  • In Books in Canada v18 n4 (May 1989): p36.

More Stories By Canadian Women

  • In Cross Canada Writers Quarterly v10 n2 (June 1988): p22-23.
  • "Women working for peace: reclaiming the imagination," Canadian Woman Studies v9 n1 (Spring 1988): p83-85.
  • In Quill and Quire v54 n1 (Jan 1988): p22.
  • In Books in Canada v16 n7 (Oct 1987): p31-32.

The Space A Name Makes

  • In University of Toronto Quarterly v57 n1 (Fall 1987): p48-49.
  • In Cross Canada Writers Quarterly v9 n2 (1987): p20-21.
  • In Books in Canada v15 n8 (Nov 1986): p26.

Blue Panic

  • In Books In Canada v21 n2 (March, 1992): p52-53.

Stories By Canadian Women

  • In Essays on Canadian Writing v n33 (Fall 1986): p140-143.
  • In Montreal Gazette Jan 5, 1985: pI3.
  • In Toronto Star Dec 22, 1984: pH4.

Rosemary Sullivan's works copyright © to the author.

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