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Book Reviews

Reviews of Clusters

  • Greenstein, Michael. "Great, Moping Bass," In Books in Canada, December 1997, vol.26 no.9
  • Fraser Sutherland, "Craftsmanship, ambition and tragedy," In Globe & Mail, Saturday, August 2, 1997

Reviews of Jackson's Point

  • Brown, Peter. "Jackson's Point" In Canadian Poetry, v.6 1991 pg 115-117.
  • Dempster, Barry. In Poetry Canada Review , vol.11, no.1, spring 1990
  • Dempsey, Ian. "Jackson's Point" In Canadian Materials, v.18(2) March, 1990 pg 89.
  • Nash, Roger. In Canadian Book Review Annual, 1989
  • Oughton, John. "Crisp verses on cottage life�" In Now Magazine, November 16 1989

Reviews of Void and Voice: Essays on Literary and Historical Currents

  • Marchand, Phillip. "The Yearning for Knowledge," In The Toronto Star Toronto Star, Sat. April 25, 1998
  • Gladstone, Bill. "Book's essays deal with Holocaust" [Profile] In Canadian Jewish News, v.38(22) S 25'97 pg 45.

Reviews of Open to Currents

  • Clement, Lesley D. "Journeys and Returns," In Canadian Literature, no. 140
  • Hurwitz, Anita. "Open to currents" (review) In Poetry Canada ReviewPoetry Canada Review, v.13(3) 1993 pg 26-27.
  • Kemp, David E. in Canadian Book Review Annual, 19th edition
  • Mierau, Maurice. "Open To Currents" In Books in Canada, v.21(9) December, 1992 pg 53-54.

Reviews of The Book of Salt

  • Anderson, Rod. In Poetry Canada Review, vol.9 no.4, 1989
  • Fiamengo, Marya. "Cloth & Self," In Canadian Literature, nos.124-125, spring & summer 1990
  • Levenson, Christopher. In Queen's Quarterly , Vol.96, no.2, 1989
  • Watling, Doug. "The Book Of Salt" In Canadian Materials, v.16(6) Nov 1988 pg 230.
  • Parkin, Andrew. "Relations: Family Portraits" In Poetry Canada Review, v.8(4) Summer 1987 pg 36-37.

Reviews of Black Flamingo

  • Aubert, Rosemary "Black Flamingo" (Review) In Poetry Canada Review, v.7(4) Summer 1986 pg 54.
  • Carey, Barbara. In Quarry, 35/4 Autumn, 1986
  • Fitzgerald, Judith . "Responding to need to get the world right," In The Toronto Star, January 4, 1986
  • Fotheringham, Alexa In Rubicon, summer 1986
  • Fraser, Sutherland. "Poets to watch, if they watch themselves," In Globe & Mail, Saturday March 1, 1986
  • Oughton, John. "Flying through the Shadows," In Now Magazine, December 19, 1985
  • Smith, Patricia Keeney . "Arctic Miracles, Dethroned Fables," In The Canadian Forum, April, 1986
  • Tihanyi, Eva. Waves, vol.14, no.3, p.86

Reviews of Words for Elephant Man

  • Fitzgerald, Judith. In Poetry Canada Review, autumn 1983
  • Irie, Kevin. "Lost Generation," In Waves, vol.12, no.4, pp.95-96
  • Kositsky, Lynne. In Poetry Toronto, no.102, June 1984.
  • Shenfeld, Karen. "Two new Mosaic Press books�" In The Toronto Star, July 24, 1983
  • Smith, Patricia Keeney. "Revelations of Humanity," In The Canadian Forum, March 1984
  • Stange, Ken. In Books in Canada, vol.14, no.2, March 1985
  • Stevenson, Richard. In Contemporary Verse II, vol8, no.4, February 1985
  • Urquhart, Jane. "Six poets in progress," In Quill & Quire, January, 1984.
  • "Words for Elephant Man" (Review) In Sunday Star, July 24, 1983 pg G9.

Reviews of The Cost of Living

  • Aubert, Rosemary. "New stars in the galaxy of Canadian Poetry," In Quill & Quire, April 1982
  • Billings, Robert. In Poetry Toronto, no.83, Nov.1982
  • Gould, Allan. In The Antigonish Review, no.54, summer 1983
  • Lever, Bernice. In Waves, vol.11, no.1 p.93

Reviews of Snake Music

  • Fletcher, Peggy "Vision and the personal dark," InCanadian Author and Bookman, October 9, 1979
  • Lever, Bernice "Words that charm," InWaves, vol.8 no.2 p.77

Reviews of Relations: Family Portraits

  • Barton, Ellie. "Relations: Family Portraits" (Review) In Quarry Press, v.36(4) Fall 1987 pg 86-87.
  • Windeler, Janet. "Relations: Family Portraits" (Review) In Cross Canada Writers Quarterly, v.9(3/4) Oct 1987 pg 42-43.


  • Interview: Conducted by Roger Burford Mason, titled "An Engagement With History" In Poetry Canada Review, volume 14.number 1
  • Profiles: Bill Gladstone, "Jewish Authors," The Canadian Jewish News, September 25, 1997
  • Shel Krakofsky, "Sherman in the Top Rank" The Canadian Jewish News, November 1997
  • Book: Articulating the Elephant Man by Peter Graham and Fritz Oehlschlaeger (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1992); see pp. 173-176 for a discussion of Sherman's Words For Elephant Man
  • Mason, Roger. "An engagement with history "(Profile of Kenneth Sherman) In Poetry Canada Review, v.14(1) 1993 pg 8-9.

Kenneth Sherman's works copyright © to the author.

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