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Books & Chapbooks

  • Not Spain (play), Playwrights Canada Press: Toronto, 1998.
  • "Not Spain" in Alphabet City 6, Anansi: Toronto, 1998.
  • Shadow Cabinet (poems), Vehicule Press: Montreal, 1996.
  • Shadow Cabinet, a 24-page poetry chapbook, published in January 1994 by Tapir Press, Toronto.
  • Ten poems in The Signal Anthology: Contemporary Canadian Poetry, Vehicule: Montreal, 1993.
  • Calling Home, (poems), Montreal: Vehicule Press, 2002.
  • Two Words for Snow, (play), Calgary: Red Deer Press, 2005.


  • "The Bridge at Talar", Descant 94, Fall 1996.
  • "Latin Love", Queen's Quarterly 102, Summer 1995
  • "Travels with My Aunt", "The Low-down" and "The Snowball", Index, April 1995.
  • "In the Museum", "Odysseus and Calypso" and "Among Other Things" in Descant 88, Spring 1995.
  • "Magical Flurries" in Canadian Literature, Fall/Winter 1994.
  • "Lines in the Sand" in The Globe and Mail, 12 March 1994
  • "The Tourist at Cadiz", SouthWest Review, 1993.
  • "A Walk in the Fall", in Quarry, Spring 1993.
  • "Crepuscular Address", Pan del Muerto, Winter 1993
  • "Colonial Incident" in The Antigonish Review (91), Fall 1992.
  • "Travels with My Aunt" and "Family Romance" in The Antigonish Review (89), Spring 1992.
  • "Parable" and "Snowball" in Canadian Literature, Autumn 1991.
  • "Touring the Atrocities", "The Low-down" and "Thanksgiving" in Quarry, Winter 1991.
  • "Forty in the Shade", Poetry Review (London, England), Summer 1991.
  • "Cloudy Tea", Poetry Review, Autumn 1989.
  • "Emigree", Times Literary Supplement, 9-15 December 1989.
  • "Madonna of the New World", Times Literary Supplement, (1988 TLS Poetry Competition Shortlist), 2-8 September 1988.
  • "Northern Pastoral", Poetry Review, Winter 1987.


  • "Down on the Pharm", shift, August 1998.
  • "Science and sex in the snow", The Globe and Mail, March 14, 1998.
  • "The apples of this second Eden", Times Literary Supplement, September 8, 1997.
  • "Polar extremes", The Globe and Mail, March 22, 1997.
  • "The Wind in Spain", Books-in-Canada, Fall 1996.
  • "New York and Granada", Times Literary Supplement, January 29, 1993.
  • "Poets at the Gate", Canadian Forum, May 1992.
  • "More than meets the eye", Books-in-Canada, April 1991.
  • "The Bard of the 401", Canadian Forum, April 1991.
  • "Poetry could use a bit more Beauty, a bit less Truth", The Globe and Mail, 12 December 1990.
  • "Duende ergo dolor", Poetry Review, Summer 1990.
  • "Gondolas, Gladioli, Gin, Guisqui", Poetry Review, Summer 1990.
  • "Sancho Panza writer", The Globe and Mail, 26 May 1990
  • "From dust to Andalusian Dust", The Globe and Mail, 30 December 1989.
  • "Berlin: Surrealist Cage", London Magazine, December 1987-January 1988.


  • in "Alberti and others", Tri-Quarterly 59, Winter 1984.
  • "Jaime Gil de Biedma", London Magazine, Jan. 1983.

Academic Publications

  • "'Todos queriamos ser heroes de anecdotas triviales': Words, Action and Anecdote in Borges' Poetry", Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, January 1997, Liverpool, England.
  • "Una guirnalda incompleta para J. G. B.", Insula, July-August 1990, Madrid, Spain.
  • "La codificacion del sueno", Litoral, Spring 1986, Malaga, Spain.
  • "El Polifemo sin lagrimas: una lectura autorreferencial", Syntaxis, Spring 1986, Tenerife, Spain.
  • "Poetry and Courtship in Gongora's Polifemo", Journal of Hispanic Philology, Winter 1985, Florida State University, Tallahassee, U.S.A.

Richard Sanger's works copyright © to the author.

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