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Books & Chapbooks

  • No Lingering Peace (poetry). Fredericton: Fiddlehead Press, 1972.
  • Hollandsong (poetry). Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1975.
  • New Poet's Handbook (handbook). Toronto: League of Canadian Poets, 1984 and 1985; editor.
  • The Orphan and the Stranger (poetry). Toronto: Wolsak & Wynne Publishers, 1985.
  • The Emperor's Body (fiction). Victoria: Ekstasis Editions, 1995.
  • Anniversary Portrait 1959 (fiction). Toronto: Twoffish Press, 2006 (chapbook)
  • Happily Ever After (fiction). Toronto: Twoffish Press, 2006 (chapook)
  • Hercules by my Side (fiction). Toronto: Twoffish Press, 2006 (chapbook)
  • Truth, Earring, Microwave (long poem). Toronto: Twoffish Press, 2006 (chapbook)
  • Crackerjack Umbrella. Toronto: Twoffish Press, November, 2008
  • An Evening of Poetry (fiction). Toronto: Twoffish Press, 2011 (chapbook).

Selected Anthologies

  • Poem in Whale Sound: An Anthology of Poems about Whales and Dolphins, Toronto: Dreadnaught; and North Vancouver, J.J. Douglas Ltd., 1977, Greg Gatenby, editor.
  • Poem in Jerusalem: An Anthology of Jewish Canadian Poetry, Montreal: Vehicule Press, 1996, Seymour Mayne and B.Glen Rotchin, editors
  • Poem and story in Tales for an Unknown City, Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 1990, Dan Yashinsky, editor
  • "Alive, Unique," essay in Imagination in Action, Toronto: The Mercury Press, November 2007, Carol Malyon, editor.
  • "Dinosaur Aloft," poem in Seek It—Writers and Artists Do Sleep, Toronto: Red Claw Press, November 2012

Selected Journals

  • Poetry in The Tamarack Review, Canadian Forum, CV II, The Fiddlehead Review, Fireweed, The New Chief Tongue, Opzij (in Dutch translation), Other Voices, Rune, Waves.
  • Fiction in The Antigonish Review, Canadian Woman Studies (frequently), The Fiddlehead Review, Matrix, Paperplates, Prism International, Waves.
  • Interview of Helen Weinzweig in Waves, Spring 1985
  • Interview of Miriam Waddington in Waves, Fall 1985
  • Obituary of Joan Bodger in The Writers' Union of Canada Newsletter, December 2002
  • Essays occasionally in MC²: The Journal of Mensa Canada, from 2003
  • A regular column, "Advice, Opinions, and Imaginative Forays," in Montage: The Toronto Mensa Newsletter, from 2012,

For a complete list of published works up to 1999 see

Marvyne Jenoff's works copyright © to the author.

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