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  • Through a Stained Glass Window (poetry). Wales: Envoi Press, 1990.
    ISBN 0948478 65 9 $8.00
  • Gathering Fuel in Vacant Lots. London, Ontario: HMS Press, 1992
    ISBN 0-919957-82-X $8.00
  • St.Valentine's Day. New Brunswick: Broken Jaw Press, 1995
    ISBN 0-921411-4506 $13.95
  • Mix Six. (A collection with Bernice Lever, Ted Plantos, Kathy Fretwell, Allan Briesmaster and Judith Stuart). Mekler and Deahl, 1996
    ISBN 1-896367-06-2 $12.00
  • Cosmopolitan. A collection of Haiku. Bald Eagle Press, 1998.
    ISBN 0-9696228-4-8 $4.00
  • All above available from author at: 9240 Creditview Rd, RR2, Brampton, Ontario. L6V 1A1 Prices include PP. Or, order from
    St Valentines Day also available from publisher or through General Distribution.

Poetry in Canadian Journals:

'Schizo', CV2 87.
'Mirror', CV2 87.
'Waiting for my Father', Erindale Review 87
'For my Mother' Taproot 1987
'Lists', Edges 1987
'An assortment of Haiku', Daybreak 1988
'An assortment of Haiku', Inkstone 1988
'Village Green'; 'Father's Swim', Wascana Review 1988
'Rose', Poetry Toronto 1988
'Treblinka One', Anthos 88.
'Treblinka Two', Anthos 88.
'Lovepoem', Zymergy 1988
'For Margaret Lawrence', Summer 88 Canadian Author and Bookman
'For Irving Layton' Yak 89.
'Visiting the dead', Canadian Author and Bookman 89
'Two Haiku' Taproot 1989
'Sudan', Canadian Woman Studies Fall 1989
'Forget-me-nots', New Quarterly Winter 1989
'Hampton Court'
'Remember Me'
'After D. H. Lawrence', Quarry Winter 1989
'The Late Mrs', Nexus Oct 1990
'If I had a Daughter', Other Voices 1990.
'To conceive of death', Nexus 90
'Labour', Prairie Journal 1990
'Ella's Abortion'
'The Iwannabe Bird', Canadian Author and Bookman 1990
'At the Gynaecologist', CV2 Summer 91.
'Grandpa', Grain Winter 1991.
'Scheherazade', Grain Winter 1991.
'Grandmother', Whetstone Winter. 1991
'Angel Coming', Prairie Journal Summer 1992
'Diagnosis', Transition Summer 1992
'Suttee', Secrets from the Orange Couch Vol 5, no 1. Fall 92
'Photograph of a Dinka Woman'
'Dali's January Moon', Descant Summer 93
'Lunar Eclipse', Descant Summer 93
'Words According', Transition Summer 93
'Foot Doctor', Poetry WLU spring 93
'August Leaves', Canadian Woman Studies May 93
'Amputations', Canadian Woman Studies Fall 93
'Patient', ARC Fall 93
'Unicorn', Pottersfield Review Fall 93
'Ward', Transition Winter 93
'Prick', Room of One's Own Winter 93.
'Housework', Zygote Spring 93
'The Wandering Womb', Quarry Fall 94
'Sewer Rat', ARC 94 Fall Bestiality Issue.
'For John Torrington', Fiddlehead winter 94
'Fall Colours', Fiddlehead Winter 94
'Waiting for my Father and Peacock', Acta Victoriana Feb 94
'Hair Shirt and Amaryllis', Wench Jan 95
'Diary of Sammy Brown'; 'Fertility Bracelet', Harpweaver Summer 95
'Painkiller', Zygote Spring 96
'Here's Looking at You', Jones Ave June 96
'Blinkers', Hook and Ladder Fall 96
'Calling the Kettle Black', Smoke Summer 98
'Picking at the Cadaver, Dali, Card Eighteen and Big Fat Egg'.
Northern Fusion Fall 98.


'The Stoning', Envoi Summer 88
'Two Haiku', Poetry Nottingham 1988
'Dentist', Staple Spring 89
'The Next Wedding Dress', Chapman 89
'The Undressing'
'Sea' 'He said/she said', The Rialto 89
'Trapped', Sepia 1989
'Schizo', Sepia 1989
'Seance', Iota 1989
'Widow', Iota 1989
'Balance', Z Fall 1989
'Sudan', Envoi, Summer 89
'Cancer', Z
'Donne', Z
'ash', Z
'black and gold', Z
'Misconceived', Big Mouse, 1989
'Tunnel', Contraflow 1989
'For a Widowed Sister', Orbis Winter 1990
'Tunnel', Odyssey, 1990
'Silkworm', Slow Dancer 1990
'Habit', Slow Dancer 1990
'I'm a Poet', Slow Dancer 1990
'Development', Slow Dancer 1990
'Dissection', Outposts 1990
'Grampian Road', New Hope International Jan 90
'Ducks on the River', Peace and Freedom 1990
'Daisies in Kensington', Peace and Freedom 1990
'Gap', Issue one 1990.
'If I had a Daughter', Spokes 1990
'Hibiscus flower', White Rose 1990
'Storm', Krax 1991
'Kim', White Rose 1991
'Tidal Waves', Northlight Oct 1991
'Inbetween times'
'Comparisons', Inkshed. Spring 1992
'Grandmother', Inkshed. Spring 1992
'Wall', Oasis Spring 1993
'She had a dream', Oasis Spring 1993
'Vacant Lot', Northwords Fall 93
'Handicapped', Northwords Fall 93
'Final Season', Chapman Winter 93
'Not a Love Poem'
'Naming things'
'Dalis, January Moon' Rebel Inc March 94
'Woodpecker and Quit complaining', Poets Voice UK/US feb 94


'Haiku' in the following from 1987-1991: Dragonfly, Modern Haiku, Brussels Sprout
'Merlin' a poem in The Round Table, an anthology, 1988.
'Grampian Road', California Quarterly in Winter 1991
'Development', Pig Iron 1992
'Kernel', Pittsburg Quarterly Spring 1992
'Father', Prairie Schooner Fall 93. Special on Canadian Poets.
'Kensington Palace'
'They Glue the Eyes of the Dead Shut', Zeitgeist. Summer 93
'On the Edge', Welter US fall 93
'Lares', Pig Iron 94
'This Cannibal', Equinox April 94
'Astral Bodies', Equinox April 94

Poetry in Anthologies:

'Hemlocks', Northern Red Oak, an anthology. 1989.
'The Prick' The Scotia Anthology, Spring 1992
'Dallas and Train from Glasgow to Edinburgh', The Party Train. A collection of North American Prose Poetry.1995

Fiction in Journals

'Ankle Weights', This Magazine in 1990.
'Georgia's Dragon', Zymergy 1989.
'Stigmata', Grain 1989.
'Harry Comes Back', Green's Magazine in 1989
'Waiting for Anne', Whetstone, 1989.
'Private Parts', Writ, 1989.
'Missing Parts', Scrawl, 1991.
'Mam', Conspiracy of Silence 1989.
'Georgia's Dragon', Z Magazine 1988.
'The Changes', Come Hold the Moon, 1988.
'Family Funeral', Canadian Author and Bookman, Summer 1991
'Planting Roberta', Art Times, Summer 93.
'Roberta's Coat', Art Times. April 95
'Rosemary Makes a Snowman', a children's story in Toronto Star 1989
'Turtle', Fireweed. Winter 93
'IUD', Urban Graffiti. Spring 94
'Mother's Milk', Acta Victoriana. Sept 96
'Losing it', Filling Station. Spring 95
'Politenes and Manners', Zugote. Vol 3, No 2. Fall 95
'Rocking Horse', International Anthology of Erotic Short Fiction. 1997

Non Fiction:

A humorous article in Poetry Toronto in 1988.
A feature article in She Magazine in 1989 U.K.
Feature articles for the Toronto Star in June 1991, March 93
A feature article on plastic surgery in the Toronto Fashion magazine in Sept 93
A children's article in the Star, 14th Aug 93
Several more articles for magazines in Canada and UK.
'Canadian Author'. Sage Hill. Winter 93
A feature on publishing in the Globe and Mail, Toronto, Sept 94.
'Remyth: A Review'. Prairie Jornal. 6.98
'Open 24 Hours'. Review. Poemata. Summer 98
Several other reviews.


Four Corners: an anthology for Brampton Writer's Guild in 1991.
Seed 93. An anthology published for the Brampton Writers Guild.
Invisible Accordion: an anthology published for Canadian Poetry Association in 95
Uncivilizing: a book of six poets published by Insomniac Press 1997. Bernice Lever, Charles Rainier, Roger Nash etc.

Jennifer Footman's works copyright © to the author.

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