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  • Miss Pamela's mercy. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1992.
  • The Girl wants to. 1st ed. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1993.
  • I eat your flesh: poems. Streetcar, no. 14. Toronto: Streetcar Editions, 1993.
  • VillainElle. 1st ed. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1994.
  • Plush. 1st ed. Toronto: Coach House Press, 1995.
  • Contextualizing Anne Sexton: confessional process and feminist practice in the Complete poems. [Toronto: s.n.], 1995.
  • Pearl: poems. Concord, Ont.: Anansi, 1996.
  • Click: becoming feminists. Toronto: Macfarlane Walter & Ross, 1997.
  • Paul's case: the Kingston letters. Toronto: Insomniac Press, 1997.
  • Queen rat: new and selected poems. Toronto: Anansi, 1998.
  • Dorothy L'amour: A Novel. Harper Collins Canada, August 15, 1999
  • 2000 words : musings on the medium : four writers respond to photographs. Lynn Crosbie ... [et al.]. Toronto : Gallery TPW, [2000].
  • Phoebe 2002 : an essay in verse, by Jeffery Conway, Lynn Crosbie, David Trinidad. New York : Turtle Point, 2003.
  • Missing children. Toronto : McClelland & Stewart, 2003.
  • Liar : a poem. Toronto : Anansi, 2006.

Articles and Essays by Lynn Crosbie

  • "The compulsion to confess: autobiography and the Canadian underground comic." In Open Letter: v8 n8 (Winter, 1994) : p29-40.
  • "Don't fence me in: Charlotte Vale Allen spurns the 'romance writer' tag". In Quill & Quire: v62 n7 (July, 1996) : p45.
  • "Even you can not resist her: 9 Courtney Love tantras". In Fuse Magazine: v17 n5/6 (1994 Music Issue) : p35-37.
  • "Hate in the afternoon: ecstasy goes underground on The Young and the Restless". In This Magazine: v28 n5 (December, 1994/January, 1995) : p38-41.
  • "Heroin". In Mix: the Magazine of Artist-run Culture: v22 n4 (Spr'97) : p55.
  • "The Honeymoon Killers". In Zymergy: v5 n1 (Spring, 1991) : p156.
  • "Jesus the low rider". In Quarry: v42 n2 (1993) : p115-116.
  • "Keep on keep on groovin': why be nostalgic about the seventies, the decade ruled by political oblivion, wraparound skirts and John Ritter?". In This Magazine: v28 n8 (May, 1995) : p10-13.
  • "Last words: a memoir: Daniel Jones asked that his suicide note be published, as his "last piece of writing," the coda to a literary life". In This Magazine: v30 n2 (September/October, 1996) : p22-26.
  • "Like a Hook into a Cat's Eye: Locating Margaret Atwood's Susie". In Tessera, 1993 Winter, 15, 30-41.
  • "Little stabs at happiness". In Quarry: v42 n2 (1993) : p112-114.
  • "Look Homeward Angel". In Zymergy: v5 n1 (Spring, 1991) : p156.
  • "Loving the killer, where art and life don't meet: my interest in killers is part of my feminist training, most victims are female and I want to know my enemy". In This Magazine: v28 n7 (March/April, 1995) : p12-15.
  • "Lynn's case: in writing about Paul Bernardo, mixing truth and fiction has drawn outrage and acrimony. The media, it seems, holds the monopoly on reconstructing events" [Paul's Case]. In Globe & Mail Metro Edition: D 1'97 : pD1.
  • "Pop tart: the poetry of a playmate" [Celebrity poetry]. In This Magazine: v28 n4 (November, 1994) : p46-48.
  • "Sexual positions: a reply to Victoria Branden's 'Get That Grin off your Face!' and 'No Sex, Please, We're Gents'". In Books In Canada: v23 n6 (September, 1994) : p26-29.
  • "The journalist & the murderer" [Excerpt from Paul's Case]. In This Magazine: v31 n2 (S/O'97Special Literary Issue) : p28-29.
  • "Women who love to kill too much: back to school with Karla Homolka". In This Magazine: v28 n3 (September/October, 1994) : p54-57.

Lynn Crosbie's works copyright © to the author.

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