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Horus of my Heart

Afua Cooper
From:   Edges of Time, ed. Maureen White. Toronto: Seraphim Edition, 1999.

Oh my warrior hero
who come to my aid whenever I'm in trouble
whenever I'm chased by murderous men
who seek to cut my throat
or by angry dogs wanting to tear me to pieces
I need only to open my mouth and say 'help'
and in an instant you appear
bow and arrow in hand, or with your magical disc
or with your martial arts prowess
and you demolish my enemies, render them harmless
tame or immobile

You are the great magus
Horus, with his far-seeing eye
who make the way clear for me again

Sometimes you come, a singer of songs
or a weaver of words, a poet
and you give me songs, poems, words
as gifts, as offerings

Then you appear as my lover
smelling of clove, mint and coreander
and though you are shy, you are bold
enough to touch me, hold me
and when you touch me I cry
because you bring the love of the world
and my heart opens

Oh my wild wonderful man
you have brought me that which I craved
even before I was formed in my mother's womb
and searched for all my life
you brought me such a healing love
that I am not afraid to discover the geography
of your soul, mind, and body
and when I do our hearts sing together
and like me you cry, your tears
making fertile the whole earth
from dry, parched, stubborn soil blood-red roses bloom

Oh my wild wonderful man
rivers sing your name
and the birds in their flight echo
it again and again
your eyes are a million moons
the moss covered stone, durable and soft, your heart
when you dance the whole world trembles and shakes
and when your sing your voice
reach the four corners of the earth
and every living thing stands still and listen
raging rivers form from your breath
and with one glance barren trees bear fruit

You were not afraid of me
when I revealed my dual countenance
my moon face waxing and waning
you did not look away
yes, you stood in awe
but you thanked me and asked me to teach
you more about myself

And I held you and we danced together
and our love brought forth a new and fresh creation

How strange it is!
all my life you were right there under my nose
waiting patiently, and I didn't see you
so busy was I chasing after the gilted ones

How wondrous it is to know you at last
to be your beloved/soulmate
your equal
your sister
your counsellor
your Bastet*

You first showed up in my life in dreamtime
in nights of triple midnight
when the earth weaves a potent magic
and in my dreams you promised
to cross the border and come to me

My love, the portals of my heart are now wide open

* One of the major divinities in ancient Egyptian religion and lore. A consort of Horus.

Afua Cooper's works copyright © to the author.

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