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Books & Chapbooks

  • Slow Curve Out, Toronto, ON: Pedlar Press, 2012
  • Poesie da: Drowning Lessons di Maureen Scott Harris, A cura di Alessandra Bordini. Siena: Centro Siena-Toronto. An Italian-English selection, 2012. Online at
  • Weathering: a group poem, (a chapbook, with Ruth Roach Pierson, Sue Chenette, Patria Rivera, Julie Roorda). Toronto, ON: Silver Maple Press, 2008. Republished online in Poemeleon, May 2010
  • The Raven and the Writing Desk, (a chapbook, with Kelley Aitken). Saskatoon, SK: JackPine Press, 2007
  • Drowning Lessons, Toronto, ON: Pedlar Press, 2004 (ISBN 2:0-9732140-8-2)
  • The World Speaks, (a chapbook). Toronto, ON: Junction Books, 2003
  • A Possible Landscape, London, ON: Brick Books, 1993. 2nd printing May 1997


  • Pith & Wry, edited by Susan McMaster. Sudbury, ON: Scrivener Press, 2010
  • A Verdant Green: a Florilegium of Poetry for Anna and William McCoy, edited by David Livingstone Clink. Eugenia, ON: The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, 2010
  • Sugar Mule, the Canadian issue, edited by Susan McMaster. December 2009. Online at
  • Regreen: New Canadian Ecological Poetry, edited by Madhur Anand and Adam Dickinson. Sudbury, ON: Your Scrivener Press, 2009
  • Garden Variety: An Anthology of Flower Poems, edited by Lily Contento. Toronto, ON: Quattro Books, 2007
  • Midnight Lullabies: the Harrow Anthology, edited by Keir Luzzatto et al. Thousand Oaks, CA: The Harrow Press, 2007
  • Listening with the Ear of the Heart: Writers at St. Peter's, edited by Dave Margoshes & Shelley Sopher. Muenster, SK: St. Peter's Press, 2003
  • League of Canadian Poets: National Poetry Month poem cards, April 2001
  • New Life in Dark Seas: Brick Books 25, edited by Stan Dragland. London, ON: Brick Books, 2000
  • Vintage 1999: The League of Canadian Poets. Vancouver, B.C: Ronsdale Press, 1999
  • Fresh Tracks: Writing the Western Landscape, edited by Pamela Banting. Victoria, B.C: Polestar Press, 1998
  • Vintage 95, League of Canadian Poets National Poetry Contest, edited by Linda Rogers. Kingston, ON: Quarry Press, 1996
  • Kitchen Talk: Contemporary Women's Prose and Poetry, edited by Edna Alford & Claire Harris. Red Deer, AB: Red Deer College Press, 1992

Articles, Essays and Reviews

  • "Maureen Scott Harris rereads three favourites." The Winnipeg Review, Sept. 2012. Online at: thewinnipegreview
  • " Sound Systems" and " En Route while on Sine Queyras's Expressway." Influency Salon, Sept. 2010. Online at:
  • " Broken Mouth: Offerings for the Don River, Toronto." Grain, v. 37, no. 4, Summer 2010
  • " I'm sure there was something red ..." Grain, v. 36, no. 4, Summer 2009
  • " Broken Mouth: Offerings for the Don River, Toronto." Island Magazine 118 (Tasmania). Spring 2009
  • " Praising the World." CV2, v. 32, no. 1, Summer 2009. With 3 poems
  • " Lorri Neilsen Glenn," an interview. CV2, v. 31, no. 2, Fall 2008
  • " To Ripen like a Tree: Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet." Online at:
  • " Regarding the Ovenbird." The LBJ: Avian Life, Literary Arts (Reno, NV), v.1, no.1, Fall 2008. (Inaugural Sparrow Prize for Prose)
  • " Anne Marriott, 'The Wind Our Enemy' in 'Canada's Most Memorable Poems: the LRC Contributors' List, part two." The Literary Review of Canada, v. 16, no. 4, May 2008
  • " Listening with Margaret Avison." Introduction to Margaret Avison's Cemento e carota selvatica. Del Vecchio Editore(Siena), Fall 2008. Online at:
  • " Opening the Griefcase." Prairie Fire, Summer 2007. (First prize, Creative Non-Fiction Contest)
  • " William Blake Illuminated." Vic Report, Autumn 2006
  • " The Cusp of Change." Review of Ursula K. Le Guin's The Other Wind, and Tales from Earthsea. The National Post, Sept. 15, 2001. Also available on the official Le Guin webpage
  • " Being Homesick, Writing Home." Fresh Tracks: Writing the Western Landscape, edited by Pamela Banting. Victoria, B.C., Polestar Press, 1998
  • Poetry Spoken Here: A Guide to Poetry-Friendly Bookstores in Canada, 1997-98. Toronto, ON, The League of Canadian Poets, 1997
  • Review of Ann Copeland's Season of Apples. Books In Canada, v. 26, no. 3, April 1997
  • " Poetic Justice." Canadian Bookseller, Nov. 1996
  • " Working at a Three-Way Intersection." Museletter, The League of Canadian Poets, Winter 1994-95
  • " Thinking About Landscape: Notes in Transit Re-Viewed." Tract, Journal of Landscape Architecture, no. 1, Spring/Summer 1994
  • " Playing Jesse James," essay-review of The Jesse James Poems, by Paulette Jiles. The Idler, no. 29, August 1990
  • " Prewett and Meyer: the Direction of their Gaze," review of The Open Room, by Bruce Meyer, and Selected Poems of Frank Prewett. Vic Report, VXIX, no. 2, Winter, 1990-91
  • A Foremothers Column, " The Writing Life" , CV2, v. 12, no. 2, Summer 1989
  • " Pandora's Books." Essay-review of Always Coming Home, by Ursula Le Guin. The Idler, no. 19, Sept./Oct. 1988
  • " A Likely Story." Essay-review of The Passion, by Jeannette Winterson. The Idler, no. 17, May/June 1988
  • Reviews in various literary magazines and in Books in Canada, Calgary CPAWS Newsletter, and The Goose (Online journal of the Association for Literature, the Environment, and Culture of Canada)


Maureen Scott Harris's works copyright © to the author.

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