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  • A MUCH MARRIED MAN, A NOVEL,1996, Ekstasis Editions, Canada-USA. ISBN 0-921215-99-1. First printing, June, 1996. Second printing, August, 1996.
  • FAMILY Select Poetry Series, Concord, CA, 1994.(with Charles Atkinson, Tillie Shaw and David Swanger). Introduction by David Alpaugh. Excerpts from A MUCH MARRIED MAN.


  • New & Selected Poems, 1957 - 2011, Red Hen Press; 1st Edition edition (Oct 1 2011)
  • God is in the Cracks, Windsor, Ont. : Black Moss Press, 2006 ISBN: 0-88753-422-8
  • The Collected Poems, 1957-2004, Windsor, Ont. : Black Moss Press, 2004
  • Heavenly Sex, Windsor, Ont. : Black Moss Press, 2002
  • Rosicrucian in the Basement, Windsor, Ont. : Black Moss Press, 2001
  • Four Incarnations, New & Selected Poems, Ann Arbor, MI. : Bell & Howell Information and Learning Company, 2000
  • Portrait Of An L.A. Daughter & Other Poems AND L.A. Extra: Life & Times Of A Hollywood Extra [Robert—& Hannah—Sward], 1998. In progress.
  • UNCIVILIZING, A Collection of Poetry by Bernice Lever, Roger Nash, Robert Sward, James Raney, Caroline Davidson, Sonja Dunn. Insomniac Press, (Toronto, Canada), Fall, 1997 (Canada), Winter 1997-98 (U.S.). ISBN 1-895837-17-0, 127 pages
  • FOUR INCARNATIONS: NEW & SELECTED POEMS, 1957-1991, Coffee House Press (Minneapolis), 1991
  • THE TREE THAT DESTROYED CALIFORNIA, TEN YEARS UNDER THE EUCALYPTUS, A Broadsheet, Select Poet Series, Walnut Creek, CA, 1998 [reprinted from "The Sierra Club/Magazine: Ventana Chapter," Febr., 1998— reprinted from "Highway 17 Resource Page," World Wide Web.
  • *Sward�s out-of-print poetry books, UNCLE DOG & OTHER POEMS Putnam & Co., Ltd., London, England, 1962); KISSING THE DANCER & OTHER POEMS (Cornell University Press, Ithaca, NY, 1964); FOUR INCARNATIONS, NEW & SELECTED POEMS, etc., are available on Internet through Contemporary American Poetry Archive (CAPA), a project directed by Professor Wendy Battin and Charles Hartman, Connecticut College, New London, CT 06320. Contact (e-mail): or, Prof. Charles Hartman, Associate Director, CAPA, Box 5505, Connecticut College, 270 Mohegan Ave., New London, CT 06320. E-mail: COHAR@CONNCOLL.EDU

Selected Anthologies

  • AN ABSOLUTE VISION, edited by Hualing Engle. poems, fiction and non-fiction about the Iowa Writers' Workshop. 1996.
  • ANCHOR BOOK OF CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN POETRY (Doubleday), 1965. Edited by Paris Leary and Robert Kelly. Six poems: "Uncle Dog: The Poet At 9," "What It Was," "Kissing The Dancer," "Terminal Theater," "There Is No Reason..." "and "Mothers-In-Law."
  • (a) THE BEDFORD INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE, Fifth Edition, edited by Michael Meyer, Bedford Books, Boston, MA, 1997-98. "A Personal Analysis of T.S. Eliot's 'Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.'" (reprinted from "Touchstones: American Poets on a Favorite Poem eds. Robert Pack and Jay Parini).
  • (b) [BEDFORD] POETRY: AN INTRODUCTION, Second Edition, edited by Michael Meyer, Bedford Books, Boston, MA, 1997-98. "A Personal Analysis of T.S. Eliot's 'Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,'" pp.380-384 (reprinted from "Touchstones: American Poets on a Favorite Poem eds. Robert Pack and Jay Parini).
  • THE PENGUIN ANIMAL BOOK OF VERSE, edited by George MacBeth, 1965. Three poems: "Uncle Dog: The Poet At 9," "Dodo," and "The Apterryx."
  • CHICAGO REVIEW ANTHOLOGY, 1959, "Uncle Dog: The Poet At 9."
  • MIDLAND, edited by Paul Engle, Random House, 1961. Reprinted from The Beloit Poetry Journal, "The Poetry Workshop."
  • LA POESIE CONTEMPORAINE AUX ETATS-UNIS, Editions de la Revue Moderne, Paris, 1962. Translation of poem titled "What It Was (Ce Qui Fut)" which first appeared in The Nation, January 28, 1961.
  • OF POETRY AND POWER, John F. Kennedy Memorial Anthology, Basic Books, New York, 1964. Five poems: "Reading Buber," "That It That Thing Light," "Celebration," "December, 1963," and "Poem." RIVERSIDE POETRY III, Twayne Publishers, 1958. "The Kite."
  • THE VOICE THAT IS GREAT WITHIN US, AMERICAN POETRY OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY, edited by Hayden Carruth. Two poems: "Uncle Dog: The Poet At 9," and "Concert." Bantam Books, New York, 1994 (in print since 1970).
  • TESSERACTS, Science Fiction (and poetry), Press Porcepic, Victoria/Toronto, Canada, 1985-88, "Report From the Front" (poem).
  • COACH HOUSE PRESS Anniversary Issue/Anthology, Toronto, "The Jurassic Shales" (poetry and fiction), scheduled for publication in 1989.
  • DOG MUSIC, An Anthology of Poetry About Dogs, edited by Joseph Duemer and Jim Simmerman, St. Martin's Press (New York). "Uncle Dog: The Poet At 9," and "Clancy The Dog," 1995.
  • DRIVE, THEY SAID, POEMS ABOUT AMERICANS AND THEIR CARS, AN ANTHOLOGY, Milkweed Editions, edited by Kurt Brown. Preface by Edward Hirsch. "Scenes From A Text" and "Turnpike" (poems), 1994.
  • TOUCHSTONES, American Poets On A Favorite Poem, edited by Robert Pack and Jay Parini. Article on T.S. Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock," A Bread Loaf Anthology, Middlebury College, Published by University Press of New England (Hanover and London), 1996.
  • UNCIVILIZING, 12 poems,Insomniac Press (Toronto, Canada), Fall, 1997.
  • X-CONNECT, WRITERS OF THE INFORMATION AGE, University of Pennsylvania, Volume 1 (1996), "an alernative non-commercial literary publication for the new generation of information-age writers... emergent creative artists with established artists who have made the transition to the new technologies of the information age." Sward's poem "The 1950s." (revised from earlier version that appeared in The Malahat Review (Canada).


  • AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL ESSAY, Contemporary Authors Autobiographical Series (CAAS), Volume 13, Gale Research Co., Detroit, 1991


  • CD-ROM, Gale Research Inc., DISCovering AUTHORS CANADA #1, edited by James P. Draper, a database containing biographies and criticism on approximately 350 authors with special emphasis on Canadian authors. 1994. Includes Robert Sward's 2,086-word interview with singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen reprinted from THE MALAHAT REVIEW, 1986. Note: Interview was originally done for Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's radio feature ANTHOLOGY and broadcast nationally in 1985. The second half of the interview appears in POETRY FLASH with photos by R. Sward.
  • CD-ROM DISCovering AUTHORS #2 (DA Modules (DA-M) edited by Janet Witalec with Sward's 2,086-word interview with Leonard Cohen. 1995.

Works in Progress

  • PORTRAIT OF AN L.A. DAUGHTER & Other Poems, 1998-
  • IMPULSE TO ART (A book-length collection of interviews with 20 internationally known literary figures including Saul Bellow, Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen... compiled while Sward was producing programs for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In progress.
  • WRITING YOUR LIFE HISTORY, a how-to manual for an autobiography workshop Sward has taught for Cabrillo College and UC Santa Cruz Extension since 1987.

Robert Sward's works copyright © to the author.

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