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Other Writing

Karen Shenfeld is a veteran freelance journalist. She began her career in 1978 writing feature articles for The City magazine, a weekly published by the Toronto Star. She was part of an enthusiastic coterie of writers working for Editor Joey Slinger. Slinger's vision of a general-interest magazine had been informed by William Shawn's elegant and erudite New Yorker, and he taught her how good writing can attract a reader to any topic. For The City magazine, Shenfeld wrote a series of quiet human-interest stories, including her first published piece on an old Ukrainian couple who ran a variety store.

She went on to publish articles in many well-respected Canadian magazines, writing on a wide variety of subjects, including Wilno, the first Polish settlement in Canada; 100 Huntley Street, Canada's evangelical Christian TV program; and soukous, the modern dance music of Zaire. She is a scholarly journalist, who is able to write well on technical subjects. She wrote a long profile of Russian mathematician Alexander Vladimirovitch Arkhangelsky for The Idler, presenting an explanation of his field, set-theoretic topology, for the layperson.

Non-Fiction Books

  • Co-writer of Growing Up Resilient: Ways to build resilience in children and youth. With Tatyana Barankin & Nazilla Khanlou. Toronto: Centre for Addiction & Mental Health, 2007.
  • Co-writer of Acting Out: Understanding and reducing aggressive behaviour in children and youth. Editor: David A. Wolfe. Toronto: Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, 2007.

Selected Magazine & Newspapers Articles


  • "Dream Come True; With The Dukes, Actor Robert Davi makes his Marvelous Directorial Debut." Programme for the Toronto Italian Film Festival June 2008: 42, 49, 52.
  • "The Unstoppable Gabriella Martinelli." Programme Guide for the Toronto Italian Festival June 2007: 20.
  • "The Life and Work of Louis Shenfeld." The Jewish Tribune 2, Feb 2006: 12.
  • "Her Royal Housekeeper: As the Queen's Art Conservator, Kate Frame guards England's Greatest Treasures." Saturday Post 15th, Dec 2001: 1, 3-4.
  • "In the Neighbourhood of Mathematical Space, Conversations with the topologist Arkhangelsky." The Idler 38 Summer 1993: 22-41.
  • "Possible Worlds. John Mighton is a cutting-edge mathematician, a poet, and a playwright´┐Ż" Saturday Night 18 Nov. 2000: 54-62.
  • "Hollis McLaren, Actress." Flare June/July 1980: 47, 48, 95.

Feature Articles

  • "In the City of Soukous." The Idler 21 January & February 1989: 44-50.
  • "Kingdom Come, Jesus is Lord at 100 Huntley Street." T.O. The Magazine of Toronto October 1985: 26-31.
  • "Faith & Freedom: The Poles of Wilno." Quest December 1984: 42-52.
  • "Best Sellers. Toronto's top salesman have mastered the art of the perfect pitch. The City 27, January 1980: 22-26.
  • "Yorkville. From flower children to the ultra-chic: The village has looked at life from both sides now" The City 29, April 1979: 14-28.
  • "The Good Life. Dennis and Faye Skipper are soldiers together in the war on sin." The City 13, May 1979: 10-15.
  • "New World Retreat. A Portuguese pool hall is no place for a woman." The City 18, February 1979: 14-19, 28.
  • "Infinite Variety. For the Nosyks, their little store is more than just a living." The City 3, December 1978: 16-20.

Book Reviews and Literary Articles

  • "Artsy Stuff in Hamilton" [Book Review of Catalogue Raisonne by Mike Barnes]. Books in Canada Volume 35, Number 4 (2006): 8.
  • Review of Consciousness and the Novel by David Lodge. National Post 2003.
  • "From District Six to a Wendy House, Karen Shenfeld meets & reads Tatamkhulu Afrika." Books in Canada Vol 26, Number 7 (1997): 7-11.
  • "Loud Mouths from Homer to Rap." Review of Word Up, Spoken Word in Print. Edited by Jill Battson and Ken Norris. Books in Canada Vol. 24, Number 9 (1995): 6-7.
  • "Two new Mosaic Press books." In The Toronto Star, July 24, 1983.

Art & Travel Articles

  • "Men With Babies Set to Rock The House on Lag B'Omer." The Jewish Tribune 11, May 2006: 8.
  • "The Silky Way. Jacqueline Treloar and her classical hangings." Toronto Life Homes Section May 1989: 55, 56.
  • "Glaze of Glory, The dynamic ceramics of tile stylist Marco Torriani." Toronto Life Homes Section January.
  • "Bequia, An Off-The-Track Hideaway for Seafarers." The Globe and Mail 26, January 1985: 15.
  • "Rural B&Bs a great way to meet the Irish." The Toronto Star 14, May 1983: G5.
  • "Djerba Community Still Flourishes After 2,000 Years." The Canadian Jewish News 16, September 1982: 9.

Articles on Mental Health Issues

  • "From deficits to strengths: How to help families nurture resilient children." CrossCurrents Vol 10, No 4 (Summer 2007): 10-12.
  • "The mad genius: Treating artists with bipolar disorder requires creativity." CrossCurrents Vol 11, No 2 (Winter 2007/08): 4-5.
  • "Surviving the Sex Trade, Project focuses on reducing HIV-related harms." CrossCurrents Vol 10, No 3 (Spring 2007): 15.
  • "A Life Worth Living, Clients with Borderline Personality Disorder Find Hope." CrossCurrents Vol 10, No2 (Winter 2006/07): 12-13.

Karen Shenfeld's works copyright ┬ę to the author.

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