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  • book cover
  • Horne, Alan and Guy Upjohn, eds. Fine Printing: The Private Press in Canada. Toronto: Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, 1995. Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, 18 April - 16 June, 1995.
  • Sanger, Peter. 'Her Kindled Shadow ..': An Introduction to the Work of Richard Outram. Antigonish, N.S.: Antigonish Review, 2001; rev. ed., 2002.
  • Ruthig, Ingrid, ed. Richard Outram: Essays on His Works, Writers Series #28, Guernica Editions, October 2010.
  • Sanger, Peter. Through Darkling Air: The Poetry of Richard Outram. Gaspereau Press, Kentville N.S., April 2010. (512 pages with 48 pages of photos and colour reproductions of Gauntlet Press publications)

Special issues and magazine features

  • The Antigonish Review 125 (2001). A feature on Richard Outram's work, comprising Peter Sanger's 'Richard Outram: A Preface' and twenty poems by Outram. This feature was later revised and republished as Richard Outram: A Preface and Selection (The Antigonish Review Occasional Paper Number 3; Antigonish, Nova Scotia, 2001).
  • Canadian Notes & Queries 63 (2003). A special issue on the work of Richard Outram. Guest ed. Michael Carbert. Comprising: William Blissett, 'Collecting Gauntlets'; Terry Griggs, 'Wordman'; Amanda Jernigan, 'Hiram on the Night Shore'; Guy Davenport, 'Entropy'; W. J. Keith, 'Outram's "Stage Crew"'; David Solway, 'Reading Richard Outram'; Caroline Adderson, 'Mogul Recollected'; Michael Darling, 'A Chance Encounter with Richard Outram'; Eric Ormsby, 'Banjo Music'; Jeffery Donaldson, 'Encounters and Recollections in the Art of Barbara Howard and Richard Outram'; Carmine Starnino, 'The Other Outram'; Peter Sanger, 'A Word Still Dwelling'.
  • DA: A Journal of the Printing Arts 44 (1999). A special issue on the Gauntlet Press, guest ed. Alan Horne, comprising: Alan Horne, 'Editorial'; Richard Outram, 'A Brief History of Time at The Gauntlet Press (Or, Some Days the Earth Moved)'; Barbara Howard, 'A Painter Pressed into the Service of Poetry'; Donald W. McLeod, 'A Checklist of The Gauntlet Press, 1960-1995'.
  • The New Quarterly 21.4 (2001/2002). A feature on Richard Outram's work, comprising Peter Sanger's introduction, 'The Sounding Light: Richard Outram and Barbara Howard', and four poems by Richard Outram.
  • The New Quarterly 89 (2004): 25-73. Three Encounters with Poet Richard Outram, comprising: Amanda Jernigan, 'Graceful Errors and Happy Intellections: Encounters with Richard Outram'; Michael Carbert, 'Faith and Resilience: An Interview with Richard Outram'; Richard Outram, 'Rage and Outrage: Poetry and the Media'.

Articles, interviews, reviews

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  • Donaldson, Jeffery. 'A Light Blaze in Rare Air: Richard Outram'. Books in Canada 32.7 (2003): 36.
  • Enright, Michael. 'Richard Outram: A Passion for Poetry'. (52 min. interview with Outram). The Sunday Edition. CBC Radio One. 7 April 2002. Replayed in part 30 January 2005, as part of a memorial feature.
  • Fitzgerald, Heather. [Review of Dove Legend.] Quill & Quire 67.3 (2001): 56.
  • Hatch, Ronald B. 'Poetry.' University of Toronto Quarterly 56.1 (1986): 29-45. 'Letters in Canada 1985' poetry survey; includes a review of Man in Love.
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  • Ingham, David. [Review of Hiram and Jenny.] Canadian Literature 129 (1991): 187-88.
  • Jernigan, Amanda. 'Holding to Desire: Verse Translations by Richard Outram'. Canadian Notes & Queries 73 (2008): 25-28. With fourteen previously unpublished verse translations.
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Obituaries and memorial poems

  • Black, J. D. 'For Richard Outram' (poem). Black Velvet Elvis. Erin, Ont.: Porcupine's Quill, 2006. 39.
  • Clifford, Wayne. 'In Memoriam: Richard Outram' (poem). DA: A Journal of the Printing Arts 56 (2005): 44.
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  • Sanger, Peter. 'Walking in Snow' (poem). Aiken Drum. Kentville, N.S.: Gaspereau, 2006. 76.
  • Zitner, S. P. 'In Memory of Richard Outram' (poem). The Hunt on the Lagoon. Fredericton, N.B.: Goose Lane, 2005. 92.

Richard Outram's works copyright © to The Estate of the Author.

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