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Bruce Meyer
Photo credit: Mark Tearle

Bruce Meyer was born in Toronto, 23 April, 1957. He is married to CBC journalist Kerry Johnston.

Education : He received his Bachelor of Arts in Honours English with a Major in Renaissance Studies, Victoria University, University of Toronto, 1980. His Masters of Arts is in English, from University of Toronto, 1982. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy, English, from McMaster University, 1988. He defended his thesis (Sergeant of Outposts: One Editor's Role in Post-World War Two British Poetry) June 18, 1988, his supervisors were Dr. Brian John and Professor Richard Morton. Bruce Meyer received a Certificate of Post-Doctoral Research, SSHRC Post-Doctoral Fellow, McMaster University, 1988-1990 (Modern British and Canadian Literature).


  • Professor, Laurentian University at Georgian College (Georgian College Institute for Advanced Studies and University Partnerships), 2003 - (Part-time) [Literatures in English: A Survey of Beowulf to Post-Colonial Literature]
  • Special Instructor, St. Michael's College Continuing Education Program, St. Michael's College, University of Toronto, 2003 - (Part-time) [Poetry Workshop, Great Books, Great Literary Journeys, The Infernals, Sacred Lives and Secular Sainthood, Familiar Literature and Its Classical Roots]
  • Instructor and Keynote Speaker, Great Books Program, Athol Murray College of Notre Dame, Wilcox, Saskatchewan, 2003 - (Summer, Part-time)
  • Lecturer, Power of Thought Program for Later Life Learning, Winter 2002 [The Hero in Literature]
  • Lecturer, Kaleidescope Program for Later Life Learning, Autumn 2001 [Understanding Poetry]
  • Instructor, Special Graduate Seminar in Poetry, University of Texas at Austin, November 1999[Creative Writing, Poetry, New Formalism, Canadian Literature] (Visiting Lecturer)
  • Instructor, Special Graduate Seminars in Poetry and Canadian Literature, University of Southern Mississippi, March 1998 (Visiting Lecturer) [Canadian Literature, Creative Writing with concentration on graduate poetry seminars]
  • Instructor, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, 1991-2003 (Part-time) [Great Books, Poetry, Creative Writing, Comparative Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Distance Education in Poetry, E-Learning Project Manager, Modern British Literature, International Short Story, International Novel, Poetry I, Poetry II, Understanding Poetry] Sessional Professor, University of Toronto (Trinity College), 1994-1997 [Canadian Literature, Early Canadian Literature, Modern Fiction 1900-1960, Modern Drama 1960 to Present, The Short Story Collection, The Short Story] Sessional Professor, University of Toronto (Erindale College), 1994, 1995, 1996 [Modern British Fiction 1960 to Present, Expository Writing] Rhetoric and Composition)
  • Instructor, Skidmore College, Distance Learning, Saratoga Springs, NY, 1996 [Great Books] (Part-time)
  • Sessional Professor, University of Windsor, 1990-1991 [Canadian Literature, Creative Writing, Canadian Fiction, Rhetoric and Composition]
  • Staff Instructor/Sessional Professor/ Teaching Assistant, McMaster University, 1987-88 [Canadian Literature, Rhetoric and Composition, Major British Authors from Chaucer to Eliot]
  • Instructor, Seneca College, Newnham, Yorkdale, Leslie, Sheppard Campuses, 1992-1997 [Composition, Canadian Literature, Distance Education Composition, Business Writing, The Short Story]
  • Sessional Instructor, Humber College, 1992-1993 [Rhetoric and Composition, Introductory Composition]
  • St. Michael's College, Classical Pursuits Program (under the Great Books Foundation Of America and the University of Chicago) Summers 2000, 2001 [Hamlet, Four Visions of the Renaissance: Vasari, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, Josquin de Pres]
  • Teaching Assistant, McMaster University [Major British Authors: Chaucer to Eliot] 1985-1987
  • Teaching Assistant, Scarborough College,University of Toronto [Modern Literature] 1982-1983


  • Twentieth Century British Poetry (with focus on The Movement, The Mavericks and the Group)
  • World War One Canadian Literature
  • Contemporary Canadian Poetry and Novel
  • Frank Prewett and Georgian Poetry and Poetics
  • The Great Books (and their relation to contemporary literature, mythology and society)
  • The hero in literature and hero theory (basis for a forthcoming book from Harper Collins)
  • Contemporary American Poetry (with emphasis on the New Formalism, Molly Peacock, Dana Gioia, and contemporary prosodic studies)
  • Robert Frost and his relation to the Georgians and the interconnection of Canadian poetry to Frost and others
  • Contemporary British Poets (those born since World War II)
  • Shakespeare's Sonnets and His Early Plays (on-going toward publication)
  • Poetry and Poetics (with emphasis on Received Forms and Prosody)
  • Applied Compositional Theory and Contemporary Rhetorical Practices
  • Creative Writing Theory and Practice as applied to poetry editing and workshopping
  • Traditional Holidays (and their relationship to literature)
  • Distance and E-Learning Applications and Practices

Professional Experience

  • Forum Facilitator, Book Club (on-line on literary Classics by Women), Homemakers, Transcontinental Media, Toronto, March 2004-
  • Artistic Director, Leacock Summer Literary Festival, Leacock Museum, Orillia, Ontario 2002-
  • Director, Writing and Literature Program, University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto, January 1997 to May 2003 (Oversaw creation and operation of Canada's largest Creative Writing Program, a Professional Writing Program, a Literary Studies and Philosophy Program, 170 courses, 70 instructors, 1500 registrants per year, and an intensive summer workshop/conference program)
  • Writer-in-Residence, University of Texas at Austin, Dobie House, 1999
  • Writer-in-Residence, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, 1998
  • Freelance Editor and Writer, 1980-

Bruce Meyer's works copyright © to the author.

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