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Books & Chapbooks

  • Water Children. Hamilton, Ontario: Mini Mocho Press, 2002.
  • Writing Your Way: Creating a Personal Journal. Toronto: Sumach Press, 2001.

  • -- Ellen S. Jaffe is available to arrange workshops on writing, relating to this book
  • Apparitions: Visions of a millenium. By Lesley Chin Douglass, Ellen S. Jaffe, Gertrude Lebans. Dundas, Ontario: artemis enterprises, 1997.
  • Intricate Countries: Women Poets from Earth to Sky. Ed. Gertrude Lebans with Lesley Chin Douglas and Ellen S. Jaffe. Dundas, Ontario: artemis enterprises, 1996.

Poems in Anthologies

  • No Choice but to Trust: The 1999 Sandburg-Livesay Award. Ed. Raymond Souster. Pittsburgh, PA: UnMon [Unfinished Monument] America, 2000.
  • Exchanges Between Us: More Intergenerational Connections. Eds. Ellen B. Ryan, Gail M. Elliot, and Ann P. Anas. Hamilton, Ontario: Centre for Gerontological Studies, McMaster University, 2000.
  • Now See Here! southern Ontario poets and illustrators. Ed. James Strecker. Hamilton, Ontario: Mini Mocho Press, 2000.
  • 1997 anthology of Hamilton Region Women Writers Artists, Gearing Up Press.
  • (W)rites of Spring Chapbooks, anthologies of poems from the Ontario Branch of The League of Canadian Poets: Between Cultures (1995) and Hawthorn, Hearts, Holograms: Towards the Millenium (1996)
  • Families from Within (M√©diaspaul, Montreal) 1994.
  • Chants pour le Vietnam (French translation) 1968.

Poems in Periodicals

  • Writers Undercover, vol. ix, 2002 Cambridge Writers Collective First-prize poem, second-prize short story).
  • Writers Undercover, vol. viii, 2001 Cambridge Writers Collective (fiction and poetry).
  • Capilano Review, 2001.
  • Contemporary Verse 2 (Winnipeg) 1999.
  • Medicine and War (U.K.) 1994.
  • Paperplates (Toronto) 1997.
  • Sensitivity (Woodstock Public Library, Ontario) 1981.

Art and Poetry

  • Exhibit of Drawings by various artists interpreting some of Jaffe's poems, Ingersoll Creative Arts Centre, Ingersoll, Ontario, August 1998.
  • Impact Gallery, Buffalo, New York: Art and Poetry group show, and related chapbook, 1996.
  • Birthsongs (six poems, with drawings by Anne Walk). Published in conjunction with an exhibit of these poems and paintings and drawings by Anne Walk and Leslie Sirochan at the Woodstock Public Art Gallery, 1992. The exhibit was remounted, on a smaller scale, at the "Palace at 4 a.m." gallery, London, Ontario, 1995. Readings, including one for children, accompanied the exhibits.


  • "For Rose Albert (26 June 1895 - 19 May 1988)" and "How to Live with Ghosts." Death, Dying and Bereavement. Eds. Donna Dickenson and Malcolm Johnson.
  • London: Open University, SAGE Publications, 1993.
  • Three poems in Soul Retrieval: mending the fragmented self, by Sandra Ingerman (San Francisco: Harper) 1991.
  • Nelson Publishers' reading program ("If Pigs Could Fly") 1984.

Ellen S. Jaffe's works copyright © to the author.

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