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Books & Chapbooks

  • Tributaries: Writer to Writer (poetry, editor, 112 pages). Mosaic Press, Oakville 1978
  • Fables for Isolated Men (poetry, 82 pages). Guernica Editions, Montreal 1982
  • Globe Doubts (poetry, 55 pages). Quarry Press, Kingston 1983
  • Real Places and Imaginary Men (short stories, 174 pages). Oberon Press, Ottawa 1984
  • David and the Daydreams (children's fiction, 143 pages). Guernica Editions, Montreal 1985
  • Writing Home (short stories, 191 pages). Oberon Press, Ottawa 1989
  • Positions To Pray In (poetry, 94 pages). Guernica Editions, Montreal 1989
  • The Unavoidable Man (poetry, 75 pages). Quarry Press, Kingston 1990
  • Letters from a Long Illness with the World, the D.H. Lawrence Poems (poetry, 56 pages). Brick Books, London, Ontario 1993
  • The Ascension of Jesse Rapture (novel, 258 pages). Quarry Press, Kingston 1993
  • Fire and Brimstone (poetry, 78 pages). Empyreal Press, Montreal 1997
  • The Salvation of Desire (poetry, 48 pages). St. Thomas Press, Toronto 2000
  • The Words Wanting Out, Poems Selected & New (poetry, 168 pages), Nightwood Editions, Roberts Creek, B.C. 2003
  • The Burning Alphabet (poetry, 135 pages), Brick Books, London, Ontario 2005

Poems in Anthologies

  • 80: Best Canadian Stories (short stories). Oberon Press, 1980
  • Third Impressions (short stories). Oberon Press 1982
  • Canadian Poetry Now: 20 Poets of the 80s (poetry). Anansi, 1984
  • And Other Travels(poetry). Moonstone Press, 1988
  • Christian Poetry in Canada (poetry). ECW Press, 1989
  • More Garden Varieties Two (poetry). The Mercury Press, 1990
  • The Oberon Reader (short stories). HarperCollins, 1991
  • Vintage 95 (poetry). Quarry Press, 1996
  • We All Begin in a Little Magazine, Arc and the Promise of Canada's Poets 1978-1998 (poetry). Carleton/Arc, 1998
  • A Matter of Spirit, Recovery of the Sacred in Contemporary Canadian Poetry (poetry). Ekstasis Editions, 1998
  • I Want to Be the Poet of Your Kneecaps, Poems of Quirky Romance (poetry). Black Moss Press, 1999
  • New Life in Dark Seas: Brick Books 25 (poetry). Brick Books, 2000
  • Henry's Creature, Poems and Stories on the Automobile (poetry). Black Moss Press, 2000
  • Why I Sing the Blues, Lyrics and Poems (poetry). Smoking Lung Press, 2001
  • Smaller Than God, Words of Spiritual Longing (poetry). Black Moss Press, 2001
  • Larger Than Life (poetry). Black Moss Press, 2002

Barry Dempster's works copyright © to the author.

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