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Books & Chapbooks

  • Sometimes All Over (a collection of poems), Macmillan of Canada, 1975
  • Anniversaries (a collection of poems), Macmillan of Canada, 1979
  • The Prinzhorn Collection (a collection of poems), Macmillan of Canada, 1982
  • Landslides (new and selected poems, 1975-1985), McClelland & Stewart, 1986
  • K. in Love (a series of linked poems), Signal Editions (Véhicule Press Montreal), 1987
  • Little Bird (Last letter to my father; a poem), Signal Editions (Véhicule Press), 1991
  • Forests Of the Medieval World (a collection of poems), The Porcupine's Quill, Inc., 1993
    Winner of the Governor General's Award for Poetry, 1993
  • Someone Has Stayed In Stockholm (new and selected poems), Arc Publications, UK, 1994
  • For the Living and the Dead, a translation by Don Coles from the Swedish, För Levande och Döda by Tomas Tranströmer, Buschekbooks, Ottawa, 1996
  • Kurgan, Porcupine's Quill, Erin, Ontario, Canada, 2000
    Winner of the 14th annual Trillium Prize / Prix Trillium awarded for the best book published (in any genre) in the province of Ontario in the year 2000
  • Doctor Bloom's story : a novel. Toronto : A.A. Knopf Canada, 2004. 1st ed.
  • How we all swiftly : the first six books. Montreal : Signal Editions, 2005
  • A dropped glove in Regent Street : an autobiography by other means. Don Coles; foreword by Alberto Manguel. Montreal : Signal Editions, 2007.
  • The essential Don Coles, selected by Robyn Sarah. Erin, ON : Porcupine's Quill, 2009


  • The Poets of Canada, ed. J.R. Colombo, Hurtig Publishers, 1978 ISBN 0-88830-150-1: "Guide Book", p 185
  • To Say The Least, ed. P.K. Page, Press Porcepic Ltd., 1979 ISBN 0-88878-174-1: "Running Child", p 83
  • The New Oxford Book of Canadian Verse in English, ed. M. Atwood, Oxford University Press, 1982 ISBN 0-19-540396-7: 2 poems, pp 276-277
  • Here is A Poem, ed. F. McNeil, The League of Canadian Poets, 1983 "Guide Book", p 45
  • The Third Taboo, ed. H. Cadsby and M. Jacobs, Wolsak and Wynn, 1983 ISBN 0-919897-00-2: Foreword by DC; "On Envying Two Dead ... ", p 21
  • The Penguin Book of Canadian Verse, ed. R. Gustafson, Penguin Books, Canada, 1984 ISBN 0-14-042329-X: 2 poems, pp. 262-263
  • We Stand on Guard, comp. J.R. Colombo and M. Richardson, Doubleday, 1985 ISBN 0-385-25002-9: "On A Bust ... ", p 83
  • The New Canadian Poets 1970-85, ed. D. Lee, McClelland and Stewart, 1985 ISBN 0-7710-5216-2: 7 poems, pp 40-48
  • Relations, ed. K. Sherman, Mosaic Press, 1986 ISBN 0-88962-338-4: "William, et cetera", p 75
  • Poetry Australia, ed. G. Perry and C. Powell, South Head Press, 1986 "Always", p 22
  • Whole Notes, ed. N. Peters, 1987 "Ground Hog ... ", p 1
  • 1987 Anthology Arvon International Poetry Competition, sel. T. Hughes, S. Heaney, Arvon Foundation, 1989 "Driving in the car with her", p 34
  • The Second Macmillan Anthology, ed. J. Metcalf, K. Thompson, Macmillan, 1989 10 Munch poems, pp 31-44
  • The Third Macmillan Anthology, ed. J. Metcalf, K. Thompson, Macmillan, 1990 6 poems, pp 99-112
  • Hueso Húmero, 27, 1990 "Selvas del Mundo Medieval" (Translation into Spanish by Luis Loayza of Forests of the Medieval World), pp 112-114
  • The North, ed. P. Sansom and J. Fisher, U.K.: The Poetry Business, 1992 "Someone has stayed ... ", p 21
  • The Signal Anthology, ed. M. Harris, Véhicule Press, 1993 Selections from "K in Love", pp 60-68
  • In Other Words, Literary Press Group, 1993 Selections from "Forests of the Medieval World", pp 64-67
  • Poetry Alive, ed. L. Liffiton and J. McAllister, Copp Clark Pitman Ltd. (Longman), 1993 "Photograph", p 195
  • Reconcilable Differences, ed. C. Levenson, Bayeux, 1994 8 poems, pp 35-45
  • Witness to Wilderness, ed. H. Breen-Needham, et al., Arsenal Pulp Press, 1994 ISBN 1-55152-009-5 "Forests ..." p 75


  • "On a bust of an army corporal killed on his twenty-first birthday driving a munitions wagon in the Boer War," Don Coles. Toronto : Dreadnaught Press, 1982] broadside
  • "My son at the seashore, age two," Don Coles. Toronto : Toronto Transit Commission [and] Urban Outdoor Trans Ad, [1998] broadside

Don Coles's works copyright © to the author.

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