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bill bissett
Photo credit: Allan Rosen

bill bissett

born halifax  nov 23  1939  same day as  gerald lampert  p.k.
page  billy th kid  geoff invararitee n kevin courrier  left at 17
2 go west 2 vancouvr hitch hiking on th road wanting clariteez
seeking freedom from behaviour n sexual role repressyuns
n 2 rage out in nu direksyuns  in writing  painting  n living
startid blewointmentpress  64  dottr michelle born  in 62
kept writing n painting n printing thru n aftr 3 partnrships
now on my own 4 sum time 98  living in toronto painting
writing  dewing reedings  was living part time in london
ontario sins 86 til 91  sang n wrote lyriks in band luddites
based in london  was also living in vancouvr during thos yeers
what brout me 2 ontario  eye call centralia  was being writr
in residens at western u   have writtn ovr 60 books uv
poetree  manee uv them with Talonbooks  wundrful publishr
ium wanting 2 xtend th boundareez uv th langwage n th form
still go 2 th west coast a lot  whn thers work 2 dew that  n
live in th countree up north in th karibu a lot also   its hard
2 separate biographee from bibliographee   bin dewing reed
ings last few yeers in europe  yew s  thruout canada  latest
art show  performans works vancouvr501  toronto  august  97
modern fuel  kingston 94 othr wun prson art shows  vancouvr
art  galleree wintr 84-85   wintr 89-90 selby hotel vancouvr
also pizza ricos  neo artisan anavada  thos in vancouvr  forest
citee galleree london ont  88 group show  rezoning  vancouvr
art galleree wintr 89-90   th maritimes ar veree beautiful  th
centr is veree beautiful  praireez veree beautiful  coastal area
veree beautiful  eye love going 2 all uv them  n evreewher is
th centr uv evreewher n not  ium still wanting 2 keep lerning
unlerning  mor  n mor  in2 sound poetree  fusyun poetree
narrativ  non narrativ  politikul  meta physikul spiritual  as
freeing from linear binaree traps  cud we b  nu book  loving
  without being vulnrabul
  recent books inkorrekt thots
  th last photo uv th human soul
 what we have  n see
  gull on yonge street
 all with Talonbooks most recent tape
  london life   most recent cassett with luddites   dreemin
 uv th nite
  still seeking freedoms from sexual n behaviour
repressyuns brout abt by th cruelteez n  stupiditeez uv th rite
wing or th radikul left  whoevr  telling us that ther ar onlee thees
following few wayze 2 live work n love

bill bisset's works copyright © to the author.

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