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creem   style   garish

bill bissett
From:   scars on th seehors. Burnaby, B.C.: Talonbooks, 1999.

   crushd intensyuns   wundrous plenitude
       poplars seemd unchangd arid n moist in
     theyr sentree  gold blu lite ovr th hills
   lake  centaur  galloping  piano man tinkuling
   put a soddn tune  a nostalgia melodee 4 our
     freedom dreems  who xactlee wrote in abt th
   bias  n th cloth words cloche wovn round
      th tempul  seering heet  puttin on th
      chips   if eye wake up in time b4
         needing 2 get redee 4 th bus
          south iul call he sd  ths a m
            eye woke 2 late  2 call  uhhh
               voices rising from medows
             he thot he wudint write anee more
         ironik closd envelopee narrativs occurrd
         they wer interesting  surprizing  yet he
     thot  why write   bake at three fold  dinnr at
        sevn  sevn fifteen   evreewun arrivd on time
    with all theyr hang ups  various sereniteez   in
     sites  helpful  aggregates n third eye mosuns
      labials n turn stiles  th mattr  serebella n sew
        frontal  leening   repleet n not disingenuous
          raging   nevr tiresum   anee uv thees peopul
           it was well aftr ten thirtee b4 anee uv
               them evn talkd uv leeving  n thn
 leev they did   2 a prson allout by elevn ten citing th
evnings amusement  he was adding  ium getting on
a bus  or a plane  n whol  entire storeez run thru my
hed  unxpektid grittee n i   nevr write them  let
them go  weird  n whn i herd what he sd i sd i was
leeving town  bells  cow whistuls  dont want 2 fix th
link 2 much  sum folks falling ovr th rose bushes n
squishee tons uv marmalade falling ou from undr th
eves troffs  winnifred  koffing  thers no glamour in
hypothesis sapphire or rubee

  agen  arousing konsern  as th winds wer losing
   theyr summree apeel  if yu dont feel its worth
     it 2 write why bothr yes she sd unless thees
   storeez can help yu  or may b mor interesting thn
     yu allow  xcellent konversaysyun  brillyant kom
   panee  marvelous food  desert was highlee praisd
     as was th entray   venison  fried chickn brests
   brokoli  tongue  brussel sprouts  a veree smart
     chees souflay  infinit numbr uv heartee  n sew
   imaginativ beverages  all times fifteen  th aftr
         dinnr moovee  summr at sunbroglea
          was veree well reseevd eye thot
              mixing genres n 4tays with
               delektabul result host
                was espeshulee en
                    transed passing
                partee favors on gold
            mirrors with turkish moorish
        inlayd enamel tiled bordrings n hi
      qualitee smoke that was xcellent evreewun
       agreed who did partake uv kours th non
    smokrs wer non judgmental n nu couplings
      wer born out uv ths evnings frolik wun uv
  th hosts was frequentlee on th cell barking out
   ordrs 2 his brokr sumtimes sibilantlee sighing
     th remortsr th remonstrans th veritee uv sd
    equalizer denizens flavord in2 her ear returning 2
  us sd quite calmlee a lulling playsid see uv being
   brething in2 th lugubrius canals spilling out
 ovr th wafer docks  spilling out ovr th tree horizon
layduling ovr th star farm  th tide is turning  now at
    last  thank god  we all aveerd  or at leest  thos
   uv us who cud aveer  raging off 2 th innr studio
      n thruout th towring hous  letting in th goldn
    rayze uv first lite  singing  iul karess th sardeens
   listn 2 th silent call  uv all th see birds  restitouche
   n th lot  joining in with  indeed weul danse with
  th herring  lay with th cod til noon th next day  th
   wethr permitting  weul fuck n wait 4 th tidal
      roar   konsidr our dayze matchword furtiv

    n whn he cums in2 me
   n whn i cum in2 him   o if evr i needid a song its
now   opn th shelvings uv 2day   mists uv morrow
slendr our hopes n full our dreems  in th green mists
uv time  in th green mists uv time  rime sew  in
                                   th green mists uv time

bill bisset's works copyright © to the author.

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