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  • Winter, Sono Nis Press, 1982. ISBN : 0-919203-06-X (poetry)
  • Eleusis, Sono Nis Press, 1986. ISBN: 0-919203-84-1 (poetry)
  • A Delicate Fire, Sono Nis Press, 1989. ISBN: 1-55039-014-7 (poetry)
  • Dancing With My Daughter, Sono Nis Press, 1993. ISBN: 1-55039-037-6 (poetry)
  • Out of the Interior: the Lost Country, Cacanadadada Press, 1993. ISBN: 921870-23-X (prose)
  • Iodine, or A Visit to Jakes' Kero Confectionary During the Elks' Rodeo Parade, 1963, Wolsak and Wynn, 1994. ISBN: 0-919897-40-1 (poetry)
  • Taking the Breath Away, Ronsdale Press, February 1998. ISBN: 0-921870-55-8 (poetry)
  • The Blue Mouth of Morning, Oolichan Books, October 1998 (poetry)
  • Fusion, Exile Editions, 1999. ISBN: 1-55096-544-1. (poetry)
  • Free Will, Ronsdale Press, 2004. ISBN: 1-55380-013-3. (poetry)
  • Living Will, Wolsak and Wynn. 2005. ISBN: 1-894987-02-0. (poetry)
  • Return to Open Water, Ronsdale Press, 2007. ISBN: 978-155380-050-7. (poetry)


  • In the Presence of Ghosts, Reference West, 1993. ISBN: 1-895362-19-9 (Chapbook, 24 pp.) (poetry)
  • 24 chapbooks from Rain Press, 1995-8
  • Kazoo: The Psalm at the End of the Song, Reference West, November 1998. ISBN:1-894010-26-4 (Chapbook, 24 pp.) (poetry)
  • On the Couch of Dr. Daydream: Shakespeare by Rhenisch, Greenboathouse Books, 2001. ISBN: 0-9685357-7-1.
  • Snow, Laurel Reed Books, 2004.
  • Scruples, Rain Press, 2004.
  • math tricks, Rain Press, 2005.
  • (eye)pokes, Rain Press, 2005.
  • First Kiss, Rain Press, 2009.
  • A Game of Croquet, Rain Press, 2009.


  • Six Poets of British Columbia, ed. Robin Skelton, Sono Nis Press, 1980. ISBN 0-919462-65-0 (One of six)

Magazine Publications

  • I have had poetry, prose, and fiction published in many magazines, including The Fiddlehead, Event, Arc, The Malahat Review, Canadian Literature, Grain, Dandelion, Queen's Quarterly, The Antigonish Review, Matrix, Quarry, New Quarterly, and The University of Windsor Review.
  • [online] Book review of A Second Earth: Poems Selected and New by Harold Enrico, Salmon Bay Review
  • [online] POETRY & MAGIC: An Essay, Salmon Bay Review

Harold Rhenisch's works copyright © to the author.

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