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Penn Kemp : Radio and Television and Film


  • CHRW, U. of Western Radio, April 2001
  • Audible Woman, CIUT FM 89.5FM, Sarah Peebles, Feburary 6, 2001
  • Margaretta D'Arcy, Radio Pirate Woman, Galway Ireland, November 2000
  • John Magyar, CIUT FM, Nov. 2000
  • UWO School of Journalism, October 13, 2000
  • CHRW 94.7, Radio Western, London, Paul Paquin's "Sonic Pharmaceuticals", October 2000
  • CHSR 97.9 FM, "Sin Tax" from "Carnivocal"; "When The Heart Parts", "On Our Own Spoke" on "Ashes, Paper & Beans: Fredericton's Poetry & Writing Show" with host Joe Blades, 2000
  • CKUT FM Montreal "When The Heart Parts", Fortner Anderson, host of spoken word show
  • CKLN Ryerson 88.1FM with host Susan Helwig, "When The Heart Parts", April 11, 2000
  • U. of Windsor radio, "When The Heart Parts: A Sound Opera", 2000
  • CBC Radio Documentary, Kevin Courrier, On Sound Poetry, November 1999 and 2000
  • Interview and Performance, Sound Poetry on Nic Beat's Howl, CIUT 89.5FM, November 1999
  • Idio Audio Files, PsychoSpace Sound , WBCQ-7.415 MHz Shortwave; the internet, October 8 1999; rebroadcast, Cleveland OH
  • LiT LiVe, CFMU's Morning File, 93.3FM, McMaster U., Hamilton, September 1999
  • LiT LiVe, CFMU's Morning File, 93.3FM, McMaster U., Hamilton, October 1998
  • Vox Feminarum, University of Guelph, 1998: reading and author interview, September 1998
  • Sounding Off, CBC Radio with host Ann Shin, May 22, 1994
  • Interview, CIUT 89.5FM, for WHAT THE EAR HEARS LAST, May 1994
  • Big Broads, CIUT 89.5FM, for WHAT THE EAR HEARS LAST, May 1994
  • Big Broads, CIUT 89.5FM, "Poetry, Education and Spirituality", November 16, 1993
  • CBC Radio Drama, CBC Radio FM, Performer in bp Nichol's "I Don't Remember This", 1989
  • "Cabbages and Kings", CIXX FM, Fanshawe, with host Sheila Martindale, London, 1985
  • ANIMUS, Radiofreerainforest with host Ingrid Klassen, Vancouver 1985
  • CLEARING, Radiofreerainforest with host Gerry Gilbert, Vancouver 1977


  • Panel with Patricia Keeney and Don Rubin at Doordarshan TV Jaipur Rajasthan, December 2000
  • Mamta Sharma, host, "Sanchay" Rajasthan National Television DD1. December 25, 2000
  • Rogers Cable 13 TV, London ON, Rhonda Webber. October 12, 2000
  • CBC - CBQ Thunder Bay, Voyage North with host Gerald Graham, April 3, 2000
  • Shaw Cable TV by Paul Squires, March 10, 2000 and throughout 2000
  • CBC Windsor, 4-6 show with host Barbara Peacock, January 14, 2000
  • CBC Windsor, Arts Report, Elizabeth Maclean January 12, 2000
  • Shaw Cable, February 2000
  • UpFront Entertainment, "A Spiritual Journey", for Women's Television Network, December 1999
  • Imprint, TVO, Panel on Dreams and Creativity, March 5, 1993
  • Classroom Connections, Channel 10, June 9, 1993
  • Interview, Lethbridge Alberta TV, October 1980


  • Interviewed in Brenda Longfellow's Shadow Maker: a documentary film about Gwendolyn MacEwen (1998)
  • Wendy Campbell's On Joan Erickson, Toronto General Hospital, 1985

Videotapes of Performances

  • Nanaimo Art Gallery, Nanaimo BC, April 2001
  • Margaretta D'Arcy on Anne Anglin and Penn, Radio Pirate Woman, Galway Ireland, 2000
  • "Re Solution", Rachel Thompson, Penn Kemp & Gavin Stairs, Halifax, 2000
  • "On Penn Kemp", Paul Squires, Shaw Cable TV, March 10, Scarborough, 2000
  • Breakfast @ Epiphonemes, video-taped by Chris Mezenes @ Oasis, Toronto, 1999
  • Workshop: WHEN THE HEART PARTS, Seneca@York, Toronto, June 1999
  • Performance and workshop, Murray St. Public School, Corunna ON, June 1995
  • "Sex, Death and Travel" with Mona Fertig, Cathy Ford, Maxine Gadd, Salt Spring, May 1996
  • WHAT THE EAR HEARS LAST, The Gathering, play, Theatre Passe Muraille, May 1994
  • Performance, Galloway Road Public School, Scarborough, May 1994
  • "Poetry Café" & Workshop at Our Lady of Assumption School, Toronto ON, April 1993
  • "Penn Kemp: A Week at Wheable, Performance and Workshops" by Frank Rogue, Wheable School for Adult Education, London ON, 1992
  • Workshops with Penn Kemp: Grades 4-8, Peel Board of Education, March 1992
  • Interview, "Poets Alive", the Visus Foundation, 15 Dance, June, 1981

Penn Kemp's works copyright © to the author.

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