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  • Stalin's Carnival (poetry: Quarry Press, Kingston, 1989).
  • Foreign Ghosts (an utaniki, or "song-diary:" Asian travelogue in poetry and prose: Oberon, Ottawa, 1990).
  • Flight Paths of the Emperor (linked short stories: Porcupine's Quill, Erin, 1992; L'instant meme, Quebec City, 1995; Granta Books, London, 1997, 2000; Vintage Books, Toronto, 2001).
  • The Ecstasy of Skeptics (poetry: House of Anansi, Toronto, 1994).
  • On earth as it is (a novella and ten stories: Porcupine's Quill, Erin, 1992; L'instant meme, Quebec City, 1997; Granta Books, London, 1997; Vintage Canada, Toronto, 2001).
  • The Admen Move on Lhasa: Writing & Culture in a Virtual World (essays: Anansi, Toronto, 1997).
  • The Shadow Boxer (novel: Knopf, Toronto, 2000; Granta Books, London, 2000; Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 2002; Edizioni e/o, Rome, 2003).
  • The Address Book (poetry: House of Anansi, Toronto, 2004).
  • Afterlands (novel: Knopf Canada, 2005; Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 2006; Hamish Hamilton/Penguin, London, 2006; Ambo Anthos, Amsterdam, 2006; Rowholt, Germany, 2007).
  • Paper Lanterns: Twenty-Five Postcards from Asia (with Mary Huggard: chapbook of photographs and revised poems from Foreign Ghosts: Palimpsest Press, Windsor, 2006).
  • The Stages of J Gordon Whitehead (letterpress ed. of a short story: Frog Hollow Press, 2008).

Selected anthology & magazine credits

  • Best Canadian Stories (Oberon, 1989, '92, '95, '04, '07)
  • The New Story Writers (John Metcalf, ed., Quarry Press, 1991)
  • Best English Short Stories (David Hughes & Giles Gordon, eds., Heinemann, U.K., 1992)
  • The Minerva Book of Short Stories 5 (Hughes & Gordon, eds., Minerva, U.K., 1993)
  • Best of Best English Short Stories 1986-1995 (Hughes & Gordon, eds., Minerva, 1996)
  • The Journey Prize Anthology 4 (M&S, 1992)
  • The Literature of Work (U. of Phoenix Press, 1993)
  • The Second Gates of Paradise (Alberto Manguel, ed., MW&R, 1995)
  • Canadian Short Fiction, second edition (W.H. New, ed., Prentice Hall, 1996)
  • Writing Home (Constance Rooke, ed., M&S, 1997)
  • Turn of the Story (Joan Thomas & Heidi Harms, eds., Anansi, 1999)
  • Lost Classics (Ondaatje, Redhill, Spalding, and Spalding, eds. Knopf, 2000)
  • The Reader (Carolyn Meyer & Bruce Meyer, eds., Prentice Hall, 2001)
  • The Notebooks (Michelle Berry & Natalee Caple, eds. Doubleday, 2002)
  • Viewpoints 12 (Prentice Hall, 2002)
  • The New Canon (ed. Carmine Starnino, Vehicule, 2005)
  • In Fine Form (ed. Kate Braid & Sandy Shreve, Polestar, 2005)
  • Literature (ed. Laurie G. Kirszner, Stephen R. Mandell, and Candace Fertile: Thomson/Nelson 2007)

  • POETRY also in: Brick, The Malahat Review, Descant, Exile, Stand (UK), The Independent (UK), Critical Quarterly (UK), The Rialto (UK), Nimrod (USA), Agni (USA), The Literary Review (USA), Northwest Review (USA), Revue Europe (France), Quadrant (Australia), Chelsea Hotel (Germany), Nuovi Argomenti (Italy).


  • Editor, Quarry Magazine, 1988-1994
  • Author of afterword in New Canadian Library edition of Margaret Atwood's Murder in the Dark (NCL: M&S, Toronto, 1997)
  • Co-editor (with Victor Coleman) of Duo Duo's Crossing the River, tr. Lee Robinson (Anansi, Toronto, 1998)
  • Co-editor (with Tess Fragoulis & Helen Tsiriotakis) of Musings: an Anthology of Greek-Canadian Literature (Vehicule, 2003)

Steven Heighton's works copyright © to the author.

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