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Book Reviews, Critical Essays, Interviews

  • Fire on the Water.(Book review) Kola 21.1 (Summer 2009): p117(3). (949 words)
  • Eyeing The North Star: Directions in African-Canadian literature.(Book review) Kola Anthony Joyette. 21.1 (Summer 2009): p131(7). (2011 words)
  • Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature.(Book review) Kola H. Nigel Thomas. 21.1 (Summer 2009): p188(6). (1792 words)
  • Trudeau: Long March, Shining Path.(Book review) The Dalhousie Review Owen Percy. 88.1 (Spring 2008): p155-157.
  • Trudeau: Long March, Shining Path.(Book review) Malahat Review Jay Ruzesky. 162 (Spring 2008): p101(3).
  • Trudeau: Long March & Shining Path.(Book review) Antigonish Review J.A. Wainwright. 151 (Autumn 2007): p103(5). (1740 words)
  • The continuing saga of George and Rue.(George and Rue)(Book review) Antigonish Review Robert Edison Sandiford. 147 (Autumn 2006): p65(3).
  • Trudeau previews in the heart of Nova Scotia.(Trudeau: Long March/Shining Path) Canadian Theatre Review William Clarke. 128 (Fall 2006): p130(3).
  • Resistance from the margins in George Elliott Clarke's Beatrice Chancy.(Critical essay) Canadian Literature Katherine Larson. 189 (Summer 2006): p103(16).
  • "What We Desire is Canadian". The complexity of speaking for and to a national audience: An Interview with George Elliott Clarke.(Interview)(Thumbnail biography) Open Letter Linda Morra. 12.9 (Summer 2006): p11(15).
  • An adoration of the Black goddesses of music.(Book review) Kola Horace I. Goddard. 18.1 (Spring 2006): p53(4). (899 words)
  • Clarke, George Elliott. George and Rue.(Brief Article)(Book Review) Library Journal David A. Berona. 130.19 (Nov 15, 2005): p60(1). (210 words)
  • Savouring jazz.(Quebecite)(Book Review) Canadian Literature Katherine McLeod. 186 (Autumn 2005): p123(2).
  • Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature.(Book Review) American Review of Canadian Studies Margaret Kent Bass. 35.1 (Spring 2005): p179(2). (812 words)
  • Odysseys.(Book Review) Canadian Literature Taiwo Adetunji Osinubi. 182 (Autumn 2004): p102(2).
  • Blue.(Book Review) Canadian Literature 179 (Winter 2003): p144.
  • Odysseys Home: Mapping African-Canadian Literature.(Book Review) University of Toronto Quarterly 73.1 (Winter 2003): p162-164.
  • Execution poems. Antigonish Review 130 (Summer 2002): p97-100.
  • Beatrice Chancey.(Book Review)(Brief Review) Canadian Literature 167 (Winter 2000): p177.
  • Drama 1999.(Letters in Canada 1999)(Review) University of Toronto Quarterly Cynthia Zimmerman. 70.1 (Winter 2000): p246(26).
  • Embracing Beatrice Chancy or in defence of poetry. New Quarterly George Elliott Clarke. 20.3 (Sept-Feb 2000): p15-24.
  • Eyeing the North Star: Directions in African-Canadian Literature.(Review) Canadian Literature Uzoma Esonwanne. 165 (Summer 2000): p130(4).
  • Beatrice Chancy.(Review) Canadian Literature Kevin McNeilly. 165 (Summer 2000): p176(6).
  • Beatrice Chancy. Antigonish Review 120 (Dec-Feb 1999): p161-3.
  • Beatrice Chancy.(Review)(Brief Article) Library Journal Ming-ming Shen Kuo. 124.18 (Nov 1, 1999): p80. (183 words)
  • Beatrice Chancy.(Review) The Canadian Forum Norm Sacuta. 78.882 (Oct 1999): p41(3).
  • Beatrice Chancy. (Book Reviews). Kola Anthony Joyette. 11.2 (Fall 1999): p70(4). (1242 words)
  • Eyeing the north star: directions in African-Canadian literature. Antigonish Review 115 (Autumn 1998): p69-72.
  • Standing your ground: George Elliott Clarke in conversation. Studies in Canadian Literature Anne Compton. 23.2 (Annual 1998): p138-64. (11811 words)
  • A rose grows in Whylah Falls: transplanted traditions in George Elliott Clarke's "Africadia." Canadian Literature Dorothy Wells. n155 (Winter 1997 n155): pp56(18).
  • Mapping Africadia's imaginary geography: an interview with George Elliott Clarke.(Interview) ARIEL Maureen Moynagh. 27.n4 (Oct 1996): pp71(24).
  • Lush Dreams, Blue Exile: Fugitive Poems, 1978-1993. Canadian Literature Neil Querengesser. n148 (Spring 1996 n148): pp171(2).
  • Fire on the Water: An Anthology of Black Nova Scotia Writing, vol. 1. Canadian Literature Hilda Thomas. n134 (Autumn 1992 n134): pp113(3).
  • Fire on the Water, Vol. 1.(Book Review) Canadian Literature n134 (Autumn 1992 n134): p113.
  • Fire on the water v1: an anthology of black Nova Scotian writing. Nova Scotia Historical Review 12.1 (Annual 1992): p161-78.
  • Pielechaty, Colleen Elizabeth Mary. "Witnessing the Invisibility: The Africadian muses of George Elliott Clarke (Nova Scotia)." M.A. thesis. Dalhousie University, 1997.

George Elliott Clarke's works copyright © to the author.

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