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  • AMBIT MAGAZINE (London, England), Issues #103, #106, and #107, 1986-1988. "How To Cure A Broken Heart I" (from a work in progress) in issue #103. Three poems ("On My Way To The Korean War," "Saint Clare of Assisi," and "Clancy The Dog") in issue #106. "My Dancing Girl Father" (fiction) and "How To Cure A Broken Heart II" (fiction), in issue #107.
  • AMERICAN BOOK REVIEW (Boulder, Colorado). A review of "The Bukowski/Purdy Letters, 1964-1974," Paget Press. Charles Bukowski's 10-year correspondence with Canadian poet Al Purdy.
  • BLUE MOON REVIEW (BMR), "Book Launch in Victoria, B.C." (non-fiction article), SPRING '98. BMR is edited by Doug Lawson. Robert Sward is contributing editor. Editor of issue on theme of FAME, BMR, Summer, 1998.
  • BLUE PENNY QUARTERLY (BPQ), hardcopy and online version (America Online/Internet), September, 1994. "My Dancing Girl Father." A PEN Syndicated Fiction Project selection, this short story was broadcast on National Public Radio in NPR's "The Sound of Writing," Series 8, 1992. Doug Lawson, editor - Ms. Palmer, poetry editor. [In 1996, BPQ "evolved" to its new incarnation: "Blue Moon Review." Sward continues as Contributing Editor.]
  • BPQ #3 (Fall-Winter 1994), Sward's interview with Margaret Atwood and selected chapters from A Much-Married Man.
  • BPQ, Volume 2, Issue 1 (June, 1995), reprinting "The Kite."
  • BPQ (Fall-Winter 1995), EARTHQUAKE COLLAGE, a multi-media commemoration of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. A [23 "window"] collection of visuals, poetry, journal and media excerpts designed exclusively for the World Wide Web. Sponsored by VIRGINIA ONLINE MAGAZINE and THE BLUEPPENY QUARTERLY.
  • BPQ (1995- 1996 ) At invitation of Doug Lawson, Editor, Sward will serve as Contributing Editor to BluePenny and Guest Editor BPQ's Summer 1996 issue.
  • DAVKA, Summer, 1996. "Portrait of an L.A. Daughter," (Poem), with 8x10 photo of Robert with daughter Hannah Davi.
  • >eSCENE, the Internet's first anthology of the year's best online fiction. Sward is guest editor for eSCENE 1996 [lit mag issue on Internet Summer 1996]. Won "Way Cool [Internet] Award" for outstanding site.
  • FICTION-ONLINE, An Internet Literary Magazine, edited by Bill Ramsay [], Vol. 2, Number 1, January-February, 1995. Two poems reprinted from Four Incarnations: "The Kite" and "Nightgown, Wife's Gown."
  • FREE LUNCH, 1989-1996, "Basketball's The American Game Because It's Hysterical," "108,000 Ways Of Making Love," "Turning 60" (three poems). Ron Offen, Editor.
  • Acknowledgement: "Basketball's The American Game Because It's Hysterical, "Turning 60," and/or "100,000 Ways Of Making Love" by Robert Sward appeared in FREE LUNCH.
  • GALLEY SAIL REVIEW (Berkeley, CA), Spring, 1986, "Island Ferry Poem" (re-titled, "Sausalito.). New work scheduled for publication in 1989.
  • GRUENE STREET (Internet Journal of Prose & Poetry, Virginia Tech), Amelia Franz, Editor: "House On Stilts" and "Photo Op - 1972." Vol. 1, Issue 2, December, 1995.
  • INSIDE ENGLISH (English Council of California Two-Year Colleges, Robert Rippy, Editor, San Bernardino College), March, 1995, "All For A Day."
  • INSIDE ENGLISH Summer/Fall, 1996, "Blind Poet."
  • LA POESIE CONTEMPORAINE AUX ETATS-UNIS, Editions de la REVUE MODERNE, Paris, 1962. [Anthology]. Translation of poem titled "What It Was" (Ce qui fut) which first appeared in THE NATION, January 16, 1961. Reprinted in FOUR INCARNATIONS, NEW & SELECTED POEMS. [Up-date for French bibliography, '95.]
  • The Malahat Review (University of Victoria, Canada) #77, December, 1986, "An Interview With Cohen." (This interview originally took place in Montreal after the release of Cohen's album "Various Positions." The interview was broadcast nationally as part of the hour-long CBC Radio feature, "Anthology." Robert Sward then transcribed and edited the interview. One large portion appeared in POETRY FLASH (see below), and a second portion in the The Malahat Review). See above for CD-ROM DISCovery version available from Gale Research Inc.
  • MISSISSIPPI REVIEW WEB, "MacADDICT - Poem for Two Voices," April, 1997. [monthly version drawing from work published in print version]. See "Poets & Writers Magazine" feature, Nov/Dec. '97 for more on MRW.
  • MONTEREY LIFE MAGAZINE, December, 1986, "The Santa Who Almost Wasn't, Confessions Of A Hired Beard" (non-fiction feature).
  • MONTEREY LIFE MAGAZINE, December, 1986, "Season's Readings" (A holiday book review feature). Three food reviews: "Coffee/Cappuccino," July, 1987; "Brunching In Paradise," August-September; and "Dining After Dark" ("Where To Go When The Final Curtain Falls.").
  • MUDLARK, An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics ("Never in and never out of print..."), edited by William Slaughter []. Mudlark Poster #7, "The Biggest Party Animal Of Them All" and "Millionaire" electronic broadside, August, 1997.
  • PARES CUM PARIBUS (literary e-Zine of the University of Chile), Winter 1996-97, edited by Oscar Aguilera, who translated "How to Succeed as Saint Nick" into Spanish -- publication appears:
  • PARES CUM PARIBUS#4, Spring/Summer, 1997. Sward guest edited a special issue devoted to World Wide Web poets (translated into Spanish by Oscar Aguilera).
  • POETRY FLASH (Berkeley, CA), August, 1987, "The Poet As Musician: An Interview With Leonard Cohen." (See The Malahat Review above for more information).
  • POETRY FLASH ( Berkeley, CA), November/December, 1997, Number 274, "Why I Publish In E-Zines: One Writer's View of Online Publishing. [Reprinted from "Writers' Connection].
  • POETRY USA, Winter 1990-91. "Honey Bear" and "Alfa The Dog."
  • POETRY USA, TBA. Special Issue/Feature on Canadian Poets edited by Robert Sward.
  • POETS ON (Mill Valley, CA). 1989-1995. A variety of poems in various issues including "Lullaby" ('Rockabye dust/in the mourning cradle...').
  • REALPOETIK (, "the little literary magazine of the Internet... A moderated listserv..." started in March, 1994 by "Sal" Salasin, Editor, 206 Lilly Rd., NE, Apt. K-8, Olympia, WA 98506. or, e-mail:
    1. "Dear George... I have just bought a house" (poem - On-line 1994);
    2. five sections from "A Much-Married ManŠA Novel" (re-printed from the David Alpaugh Select Poets Series publication FAMILY, 1994);
    3. Sward's interview with Margaret Atwood (On-line June 8, 1994);
    4. "The 1950s," 3-page poem, (On-line December 24, 1994);
    5. Scarlet The Parrot," "Aspirin," and "Amnesiac," 5 pages (total), (On-line February 21, 1995);
    6. "Rock-Dropper" - "Like artist-terrorist Rock-Dropper..." (On-line May 9, 1995);
    7. "Five (Short) Poems," "Dada," "Remaindered," "Dirge," "Marriage," and "Lullaby" (On-line October 4, 1995).
    8. "Portrait Of An L.A. Daughter," (On-line November 27, 1995).
  • RECURSIVE ANGEL (Online), "Hannah," reprinted from Four Incarnations."Angry Villanelle" (poem), Fall/Winter, 1997-98. ["Villonesque Villanelle", editor calls it.] RECURSIVE ANGEL is edited by Gene Doty, and David Sutherland.
  • RED FROG - Poems from the planet Earth. Six or more poems translated into Spanish by Oscar Aguilera. [to -01268]
  • SAND RIVER JOURNAL , Erik Asphaug, Editor, (>, "The 1950's" (poem - On-line May 4, 1995), revised and reprinted from "The Malahat Review (Canada), etc.; SALT SPRING ISLAND TATLER, "Electric Sky, A Rolling Journal of Notes, Comments and Opinion." Robert Sward is American correspondent to editor Norman Klenman's "Tatler":
    1. July, 1997, "Book Launch in Victoria, B.C.," a 1800-word essay.
    2. Aug. 7, '97, "All At Sea With T.S.E. - A Reading of T.S. Eliot's 'Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.'"
    3. Aug. 15, 1997, "Scarlet The Parrot," (poem reprinted from "Four Incarnations.") "Scarlet in the Electric Sky"
    4. Aug. 21, 1997, "The Charles Bukowski/Al Purdy Correspondence," review of Paget Press book.
    5. Sept. 25, 1997, "Letter From The States," re: Canada-U.S. West Coast fish war.
    6. Nov, 1997, "Ten Years Under The Eucalyptus: The Tree That Destroyed California" (poem).
    7. Dec., 1997, "Millionaire" (poem).
    8. Dec., 1997, "How to succeed as St. Nick" (reprinted from San Jose Mercury News).
  • SAN JOSE METRO (San Jose, CA), January 26-February 1, 1989, Mr. Taste Test reviews Herbal Teas. In progress (for an issue due in March, 1989), a two page feature on Odwalla Juices.
  • SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS, Feature in the "Living" Section, December 11, 1987, "How To Succeed As Saint Nick." Note: This 2500-word feature appeared in an earlier form in the SANTA CRUZ EXPRESS in December,1985 and was reprinted in the GOOD TIMES (Santa Cruz) in December, 1988.
  • SANTA CLARA REVIEW, Santa Clara University, "Fashion Makes The Heart Grow Fonder," Spring/Summer, 1998.
  • SANTA CLARA REVIEW, "My Dancing Girl Father" (Fiction), Spring/Summer, 1998.
  • SNAKESKIN Poetry Webzine , May, 1996, two poems: "Dogs RRR Us" and "Blind Poet." George Simmers, editor.
  • SNAKESKIN, Internet Literary eZine, Summer 1996. "At Sea With T.S.E.," reprinting Robert's essay on T.S. Eliot's "Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock" from TOUCHSTONES, AMERICAN POETS ON A FAVORITE POEM, Middlebury/New England University Press.
  • TASTE MAGAZINE, (bi-weekly), January, 1986 to January, 1987, Robert Sward, writing under the name "Mr. Taste Test," served as regular food reviewer for the l2 months TASTE MAGAZINE was in existence.
  • TRANSMOG 17, Spring 1995, (a surreal, poetry/aRT Ocirc;zine published by Forrest Richey, Rt 6, Box 138, Charleston, WV 25311 - email: reprinted two poems, "Aspirin" and "Amnesia," from Robert Salasin's electronic magazine, rpoetik, 1995.
  • TRANSMOG 18, Summer 1995, reprint of "Scarlet The Parrot" (poem).
  • WRITERS CONNECTIONS (San Jose, CA), Summer June/July, 1997, "Why I Publish in E-Zines, One Writer's View of Online Publishing."
  • X-CONNECT (C r o s s C o n n e c t), University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Fall, 1996, "The 1950s" (see below re: X-Connect Anthology "Writers of the Information Age").
  • Winter-Spring (February), 1997, two poems: "Sex and TV with Aunt Muriel, 1945;" and "Turning 60."
  • Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online, 1997.
  • ZUZU's PETALS QUARTERLY (Spring, 1998?) #16, "Ten Years Under The Eucalyptus - The Tree That Destroyed California."

Robert Sward's works copyright © to the author.

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