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Rosemary Sullivan : Comments by Writers and Critics

Selected Comments

About Shadow Maker

Turning the pages of Shadow Maker — reading through to MacEwen's heart -- is as painful and tense as watching surgery being performed on someone you love. The suspense is electrifying, and the reader's ultimate bonding to the central figure in this book is the crowning triumph of Rosemary Sullivan's skill and compassion. Shadow Maker is not a biography — it is a love affair between every one of its readers and Gwen MacEwen.
                     —Timothy Findley

About By Heart

"Carefully and wonderfully, Rosemary Sullivan recreates a life, a myth, a world now past. Here are passion and sensitivities so strong and willful they outrun the grave."
                     —Fay Weldon

When I finished Rosemary Sullivan's enthralling life of Elizabeth Smart, my first response was to wonder how I could have lived so long without knowing anything about her except that she had written one of the most remarkable novels of our time. A second later I changed my mind and realized how fortunate I was to meet this amazing woman on the pages of one of the best contemporary biographies I have recently read. Ms Sullivan writes so gracefully and with such objectivity and restraint that all the contradictions of Smart's astonishing life leap off the page with an impact that resonates in one's mind long after the last page of her book is read....[She] has captured Smart's vitality and complexity in what is sure to become a biography of international significance.
                     —Deirdre Bair, author of Simone de Beauvoir

About The Space a Name Makes

[Sullivan's] poems are of identity, of investigating one's roots and remembering incidents of childhood. She writes with warmth and compassion....Her people are so immediate and vibrant, we feel they might have been a part of our own experience....But her sensitivity is never maudlin and her fears are tempered with common sense and optimism. Sullivan writes with an understanding that goes beyond language.
                     —Writer's Quarterly

Rosemary Sullivan's works copyright © to the author.

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