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Books & Chapbooks

  • Writing On The Wall. Victoria, B.C.: Outlaw Editions, 1996.
  • Paying For Rain: A History of the South East Kelowna Irrigation District. With Tom Carter. East Kelowna, B.C.: South East Kelowna Irrigation District, 1990.

Book Contributions

  • "Entranced." Interview of P. K. Page, by Jay Ruzesky and Lucy Bashford. Dream Elevators: Interviews with Canadian Poets. Ed. Beverley Daurio. Toronto: Mercury Press, 2000. 120-35. Reprinted from "Entranced: An Interview with P. K. Page." Poetry Canada Review 15.1 (1994): 1, 3, 29.
  • "Parks and Recreation." The Wilderness Anthology. Eds. John Harley and Jay Ruzesky. Victoria, B.C.: Outlaw Editions, 1999.

Periodical Publications

  • "Aubergine." Antigonish Review 120 (Winter 2000): 123-27. (short story)
  • "Office." Event 29.1 (Spring 2000): 10-11.
  • "Afterword: Life on Mars." Malahat Review 117 (December 1996): 155-56.
  • "The Poem's Last Breath." QWERTY 2 (Autumn 1996).
  • "What are you thinking?" PRISM International 34.4 (Summer 1996): 52-57. (short story)
  • "Writing on the Wall." Brick 53 (Winter 1996): 46-50.
  • "Keep Dancing: An Interview with Adele Wiseman." Generation
  • 25 (Spring 1989).

Book Reviews

  • Many reviews in the Malahat Review including:
    • At the Full and Change of the Moon by Dionne Brand
    • Handwriting by Michael Ondaatje
    • Apparatus by Don McKay
    • Little Bird by Don Coles
    • Best American Poetry, 1991 edited by Mark Strand
    • Miner's Pond by Anne Michaels
    • Video Marquee by Christopher Dewdney
    • Noman's Land by Gwendolyn MacEwen
    • Night Field by Don McKay
    • Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace by David Adams Richards
    • Murder in the Dark by Margaret Atwood
    • The Weight of Oranges by Anne Michaels
    • Previous Canoes by Michael Ondaatje
    • The Woman on the Shore by Al Purdy
    • What Is a Canadian Literature by John Metcalf
    • Gypsy Guitar by David McFadden
  • Other reivews include:
    • Beatrice Chancy by George Elliott Clarke in The Georgia Straight
    • Pearl by Lynn Crosbie in Event
    • A Saving Grace by Lorna Crozier in Event
    • The Calling by Robert Bringhurst in Event
    • Eating Glass by Maggie Helwig in Event
    • Apology for Absence: Selected Poems by John Newlove in Event


  • "Shift: The Paintings of Eva Wynand." Catalogue for "Chance Dreams," an exhibit of paintings by Eva Wynand at the Rogue Galley (March 26 to April 11, 1999).
  • "A Jester's Gospel: The Paintings of Roy Green." Catalogue of an exhibition at Open Space (1997).


  • Harley, John, and Jay Ruzesky, eds. The Wilderness Anthology. Victoria, B.C.: Outlaw Editions, 1999.
  • Malahat Review: P. K. Page, A Special Issue 117 (December 1996).

Jay Ruzesky's works copyright © to the author.

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