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Joe Rosenblatt : Biography of
Alfredo Rizzardi, Rosenblatt's Translator

A Literary Biography of
Prof. Alfredo Rizzardi, Rosenblatt's Translator

Professor Alfredo Rizzardi of the University of Bologna is responsible for starting the study of North American literature (and Canadian writing in particular) in Italy. He was the first President of the Association for Canadian Studies, and the President of the Italian Association for North American Studies. He has been President for the Centre for the Study of Canadian Culture, Letters and the Arts since its foundation. He is the editor of a Library of Canadian Literature, its latest book being Postmoderns: Essays on the Canadian Short Story,1994.

A scholar and a critic, Professor Alfredo Rizzardi , who has held for a long time the chair of English at the University of Bologna, has been a lifelong student of poetry. Over the course of 45 years, besides publishing many scholarly books on English (on Early Shakespeare, Macbeth, The Cavalier Poets, Thomas Traherne, Stephen Spender) and American poetry (The American Predicament: Essays, 1958; The American Identity, Essays, 1963; Walt Whitman amd Other Essays, 1973); he has also translated the works of some of the major poets in English of this century — such as T.S.Eliot, Ezra Pound and W.C.Williams, and edited three anthologies of American poetry. As to Canadian literature, he has written essays on many Canadian authors and translated into Italian collections of poems by Irving Layton, Joe Rosenblatt and Margaret Atwood.

His latest volume is a translation of a collection of marine sonnets by Joe Rosenblatt, Madre Tentacolare (Tentacled Mother) together with an indepth interpretive essay.

Joe Rosenblatt's works copyright © to the author.

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