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Joe Rosenblatt : Artist Curriculum Vitae

Joe Josenblatt : Born in Toronto, 1933. Self-taught Artist

Solo Exhibitions

  • 1972 The J. Walter Thompson Agency, Toronto.
  • 1973 The Village Bookstore, Toronto.
  • 1973 Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
  • 1975 "Anthropomorphics," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
  • 1976 "Recent Drawings About Cats, " Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
  • 1977 "Snake Oil," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
  • 1977 Drawings, Leamington Art Gallery, Leamington, Ontario
  • 1978 "Dr Anaconda's Solar Fun Club," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
  • 1983 Den-Art Gallery, Ottawa.
  • 1985 "Survey: 1972-1978 Drawings," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto
  • 1996 "The Voluptuous Gardener," Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa.
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    Selected Group Exhibitions

    • 1971 Mitchell Gallery, Toronto.
    • 1973 "Art 74" Exhibition, Beth Tzedec Synagogue, Toronto.
    • 1973 "Drawings Rediscovered, " Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montreal.
    • 1974 Gallery House Sol, Georgetown, Ontario.
    • 1974 "Four Artists," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
    • 1974 Aviva Art Auction, Toronto.
    • 1975 "Seven Toronto Artists," City Hall, Toronto.
    • 1976 "Drawings and Sculptures," Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Rental Exhibition.
    • 1976 "Fantastic Creatures," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
    • 1976 "A Horse Show." Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
    • 1976 "Jewish Experience in the Art of the Twentieth Century," International Travelling Exhibition, The Art Gallery/ Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
    • 1977 Travelling Exhibition. A.G.O Extension Services, Art Gallery of Ontario.
    • 1977 "Miniatures," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
    • 1978 Drawings & Watercolours, Etobicoke Civic Arts Centre, Etobicoke, Ontario
    • 1978 Art Show, Edward's Garden Civic Centre, Toronto.
    • 1978 Three Poet Artists, Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, B.C.
    • 1978 Juried Drawing Exhibition, Lynwood Art Centre, Simcoe, Ontario.
    • 1978 " Fantasy Drawings," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
    • 1978 " Erotic Drawings," Gadatsy Gallery, Toronto.
    • 1985 St. Lawrence Centre, June Mallet Theatre, Toronto.
    • 1995 Carleton University Art Gallery , Ottawa.
    • 1997 Bravo, The Rogue Gallery, Victoria, B.C.
    • 1997 Brant Festival Exhibition Parksville, B.C.
    • 1998 The Barn Collection, summer salon, Sidney B.C.

    Public Collections

    • Carleton University Art Gallery
    • Art Gallery of Ontario
    • Burnaby Art Gallery
    • The Public Archives of Canada
    • W.A.C. Library, Simon Fraser University
    • Thomas Fisher Rare Book Libary, University of Toronto

    Included in Numerous Private Collections In Canada, United States And Europe.

    Drawings Reproduced In The Following Magazines:

    • Arts Canada, Books in Canada, Exile Magazine, Brick Magazine, Jewish Dialogue and Scarborough Fair.

    The Artist Has Illustrated The Following Books Of Poetry :

    • The Blue Sky, Poems 1974-1978, Poems, David Donnell,
    • Black Moss, Press,Windsor, 1977.
    • In Dark Places, Diane Keating, Black Moss Press, Windsor, 1978.
    • I've Tasted My Blood , Milton Acorn, Steel Rail Educational Publishing, Toronto, 1978.

    The Artist, A Major Canadian Poet, Has Illustrated His Own Books:

    • Bumblebee Dithyramb, Press Porcepic, 1972.
    • Greenbaum, Coach House Press, 1972.
    • The Blind Photographer, Press Porcepic, Erin, Ontario, 1974.
    • Virgins & Vampires , McClelland & Stewart, Toronto l975.
    • Top Soil, Selected Poems, Press Porcepic, Erin, Ontario, 1976.
    • Loosely Tied Hands, Black Moss Press, Windsor, Ontario, 1978.
    • Tommy Fry & The Ant Colony, Black Moss Press, Windsor,1979.
    • Poetry Hotel, McClelland & Stewart, Toronto, l985.
    • Gridi nel buio ( Cries in the Dark), a volume of poems in translation, translator and editor, Prof. Alfredo Rizzardi, University of Bologna, publisher: Pivan Editore, Italy, l990.
    • Madre Tentacolare (A Tentacled Mother), a volume of poems in translation, translator and editor, Prof. Alfredo Rizzardi, Pivan Editore, Italy, 1994.
    • The Rosenblatt Reader, Exile Books, Toronto, 1996.
    • A Tentacled Mother, Exile Books, Toronto, 1996.
    • The Voluptuous Gardener, Collected Art & Writing 1973-1996, Beach Holme, Vancouver, B.C. l996 black and white drawings and recent coloured works selected by Carleton University Art Gallery director, Prof. Michael Bell, who provides a forward to this volume.

    Limited Editions and Artist's Books:

    • Doctor Anadconda's Solar Fun Club, Press Porcepic, Erin, Ontario, 1978.
    • Snake Oil, portfolio edition, 30 original prints, Exile Editions , Toronto, 1978, printed by Porcupine's Quill , Erin, Ontario (100 copies).
    • Selections from Brides of the Stream, 8 poems by J. Rosenblatt, 8 etchings by Robert Daigneault, printed by Presswerk Editions, Toronto, 1983 ( 30 copies).

    Arts Awards:

    • 1972, 1980, 1986, 1992 Canada Council Senior Arts Awards.
    • 1976 Governor General's Award, poetry.
    • 1986 British Columbia Book Prize, poetry.
    • 1991 B.C. Arts Council project grant.
    • 1997 B.C. Arts Council project grant.


    • 1979 University of Western, London, Ontario.
    • 1980 Visiting Lecturer, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
    • 1981 Extension Department, University of Victoria, Victoria, B.C.
    • 1982 Saskatchewan Summer School of the Arts. Fort San, Sask.
    • 1985 Saskatoon Public Library, Saskatoon, Sask.
    • 1987 University of Rome and University of Bologna, Italy.

    European Lectures, Readings and Conferences

    • 1987 University of Stockholm, Sweden.
    • Kulture House, Stockholm, Sweden.
    • University of Lund, Lund, Sweden.
    • University of Tampara, Tampara, Finland.
    • University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland.
    • University of Rome, Rome, Italy.
    • University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
    • International Poetry Festival, Liege, Belgium.
    • Milano Poesia ( Milan International Poetry Festival), Milan, Italy.
    • 1990 University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.
    • University of Venice, Venice, Italy.
    • University of Udine, Udine, Italy.
    • University of Sassari and University of Cagliari ( Sardinia), Italy.
    • 1993 Canadian Cultural Centre , Rome, Italy.
    • University of Milan, Milan, Italy.
    • University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy.
    • University of Rome.
    • University of Venice.
    • University of Udine.
    • University of Bologna.
    • 1996 Associazione Culturale Empiria ( Rome) Italy.
    • University of Udine , Udine, Italy.
    • Conference in Siena sponsored by The Italian Association for
    • Canadian Studies: Water in Canadian Writing, Siena, Italy.
    • Associazione Italo Britannica, Bologna,( Anglo British Assn.), Italy. University of Pisa.
    • Terza University, Rome.
    • 1997 University of Palermo, a conference, Canada, Italy and the Sea
    • Terza University, Canadianism in Canadian Poetry
    • University of Bologna, Canadianism in Canadian Poetry


    • Extensive readings in Canada and U.S.A. since 1973.
    • Literary consultant for the following publishers: Porcupine's Quill, Blackfish Press, McClelland and Stewart Ltd and Oolichan Books.
    • 1983-1985 President of League of Canadian Poets
    • Participated on several arts' award juries including The Canada Council and Governor General's Award Committee.
    • The Artist's Work is discussed in Dr. Yves La Rocque's History Of Surrealism In Canada Doctoral Thesis, Sorbonne, Paris, 1995.

    Joe Rosenblatt's works copyright © to the author.

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