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  • Bix's Trumpet and Other Stories. Edmonton, AB: NeWest Press, 2007.
  • I'm Frankie Sterne. Edmonton, Alberta: NeWest Press, 2000. (novel)
  • We Who Seek: A Love Story. Windsor, Ontario: Black Moss Press, 1999. (novella)
  • Fables of Creation. Windsor, Ontario: Black Moss Press - 1997. (short stories)
  • Long Distance Calls. Regina, Saskatchewan: Coteau Books, 1996. (short stories)
  • Nine Lives. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Thistledown Press, 1991. (short stories)
  • Small Regrets. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Thistledown Press, 1986. (short stories)


  • Tommy Douglas: Building the New Society. Montreal: XYZ Publishing, 1999. (biography)
  • Discover Canada: Saskatchewan. Toronto: Grolier, 1992. French edition, 1998.

Fiction Anthologies

  • 2000% Cracked Wheat. Eds. Edna Alford, Robert Currie, and Don Kerr. Regina, Saskatchewan: Coteau Books, 2000.
  • Best Canadian Stories: 98. Ed. Douglas Glover. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1998.
  • Best Canadian Stories: 96. Ed. Douglas Glover. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1996.
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  • What Is Already Known: An Anthology. Ed. Séan Virgo. Saskatoon: Thistledown Press, 1995.
  • Lodestone: Stories by Regina Writers. Ed. Ven Begamudré. Saskatoon: Fifth House, 1993.
  • 200% Cracked Wheat. Regina: Coteau Books, 1992.
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  • Best Canadian Stories: 86. Eds. David Helwig and Sandra Martin. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1986.
  • Metavisions. Ed. Geoff Hancock. Dunvegan, Ontario: Quadrant Editions, 1983.

Book Contributions

  • Third Impressions. By Barry Dempster, Don Dickinson, and Dave Margoshes. Ed. John Metcalf. Ottawa: Oberon Press, 1982.

Dave Margoshes's works copyright © to the author.

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