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Fiction in Journals

  • "Palmerston Memoirs" in Parchment, 1995 - 1996, pp. 9 - 15.
  • "The Doll in her Pocket" in Parchment, 1998-1999, pp.32-35
  • "Herbal Essence" in Spring 1999 issue of The Cormorant (University of New Brunswick)

Book Reviews, Criticism and Other Articles by Malca Litovitz

  • "Heart and Soul: A Portrait of Vicki Miller" in Humane Viewpoint, Vol. 13, Issue 2. Spring, 1987. Ed. Karen Shenfeld. Toronto: The Toronto Humane Society
  • "Humanities/Philosophy of Science and Technology Demands More Liaison between Technical Schools and the Marketplace." Paper delivered at the IEEE International Professional Communications Conference in Winnipeg in 1987 and published in their Conference Record.
  • Regular column entitled "People in Profile" for Tips, a college newsletter.
  • "The Nice Work of Reconciling the University with the Community College: the Bridge between Theory and Practice". Paper delivered with Erika Gottlieb at the Modern Language Association International Conference in Toronto in 1993. Published in College Quarterly (Vol. 3, No. 1, Fall 1995), ed. Howard A. Doughty, pp. 19 - 21.
  • "Coffee with Cary Fagan at the Kalendar Café" with Tilda Shalof in Parchment 1995-6, pp.103 - 110.
  • Book Review: "City of Gates" by Janice Elliott in Jewish Women's Forum, July - August 1995, p.21.
  • Reviews of poetry books published in Books in Canada: review of Rhea Tregebov, April 1996 (Vol.25,No.3); review of Shel Krakofsky, October 1996 (Vol.25,#7); review of Lise Downe, April, 1998 (Vol.27, No.3)
  • Article "Passion and Comfort" concerning the novels of Jeanette Winterson in Queen's Quarterly (Vol. 104, No.2, Summer 1997), ed. Boris Castel
  • Article "Huck Finn, Barbara Kingsolver, and the American Dream", Queen's Quarterly (Vol. 105, No.4, Winter 1998), ed. Boris Castel
  • Review of Anne Szumigalski's On Glassy Wings for ARC Magazine, Spring 1999
  • "On Hannah's Prayer" in Vox Feminarum: The Canadian Journal of Female Spirituality (Vol. 2, Issue 4 Fall/Winter 2002)
  • Review of Kenneth Sherman's The Well: New and Selected Poems slated for publication in upcoming Queen's Quarterly
  • Review of Beth Follet's Tell it Slant in Books in Canada (Nov-Dec 2001, Vol.30, No.4)
  • Review of David Gilmour's Sparrow Nights in Books in Canada (April 2002, Vol. 31, No.2)
  • Review of Shaena Lambert's The Falling Woman in Books in Canada (Sept. 2002, Vol. 31, No. 6)


  • Copy Editor for Hamilton Magazine, 1990
  • Regular Correspondent for Generic, an educational newsletter. Seven Articles 1981 to 1987.
  • Regular correspondent and literary editor for Tips, an educational newsletter, 1991 to 1994.
  • Advisory Board Member and article reviewer for College Quarterly, a provincial academic journal, 1993 to present.
  • Poetry Editor for Parchment, 1995 - 1997; on-going member of Parchment editorial board.
  • Editor of Creative Express: Seneca College Student On-line Journal, 1999 to Present


  • Master's Thesis (unpublished) A Study of Maurice in Relation to the Other Novels by E.M. Forster, McMaster, 1975

Malca Litovitz's works copyright © to the Malca Litovitz Estate.

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