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Gary Hyland : Readings, Tours and Events

Selected Presentations

  • 2000     Association of Teacher Librarians of Canada, "Why Poetry Sucks"
  • 1999     Western Region Optimists International, "The Ultimate Team" Saskatoon Teachers of English,  "Poetry As Performance"
  • 1997     Saskatchewan Writers Guild, "Hyland's Hub &Hinterland, " Prairie Pens Workshop,  "Poetry or Prose: Who Knows?"
  • 1994     Saskatchewan School Library Association and Saskatchewan Writers' Guild, panel presentation:  "The F Word Goes to School"
  • 1993     South-West Regional Teachers' Conference, "The English Classroom as Laboratory"
  • 1990     Prairie Winds Writers' Conference, Custer, S.D., plenary session: "Confessions of a Wicked Poet"
  • 1989     Excellence in Education Conference, Saskatchewan School Administrators  "Wax Build Up and Three Styles of Leadership"
  • 1988     Saskatchewan English Teachers' Association, with Lorna Crozier:  "A Sudden Radiance: Teaching Poetry in the Division Four Classroom"
  • 1987     Saskatchewan Writers Guild, panel presentation: "What the Summer School of the Arts Did to Me"
  • 1986     Saskatchewan Writers Guild, "Breaking Into a School and What To Do Once Inside"
  • 1985     Faculty of Education, University of Saskatchewan,  "Gotta Football Poem? Teaching Poetry in High School"
  • 1983     South Saskatchewan Teachers' Conference, workshop  "Touching Home Base: Saskatchewan Writing in the Classroom"
  • 1982     Saskatchewan Reading Council, workshop session: "Wall to Wall Paperbacks"
  • 1981     Southwest Teachers' Institute, "Thirty-One Ways to Respond to Literature"
  • 1980     Teachers' Institute, Borderlands School District, "Bringing Outside Reading Inside"

Recent Selected Dramatizations, Performances

  • 1998     Globe Theatre, Regina, the poem "White Crane Spreads Wings" Globe Theatre, Regina,  "A Boxing Story"
  • 1996     Chautauqua '96, Moose Jaw Wakamow Authority, "A Boxing Story," Council of Education Facility  Planners Conference, Moose Jaw, "A Boxing Story"
  • 1994     Globe Theatre, Regina "Tabloid Love" (with Poets' Combine)
  • 1993     Canadian Council of Teachers of English,Tabloid Love" (with Poets' Combine) 25th Street Theatre,  Saskatoon, "Tabloid Love" (with Poets' Combine)
  • 1991     Globe Theatre, Regina, Humour For A Winter Night

Gary Hyland's works copyright © to the author.

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