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Book Contributions

  • "Enthusiasm." Roughing It in the Bush by Susanna Moodie. Reprinted in Nineteenth Century Literary Criticism 113, ed. Russ Whitaker, Detroit: Gale, 2002
  • "Afterword." Roughing It in the Bush by Susanna Moodie. Revised New Canadian Library edition. General editor David Staines. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1989. 535-43.
  • "From 'Philoctetes on the Island' to 'Tin Roof': The Emerging Myth of Michael Ondaatje." Spider Blues: Essays on Michael Ondaatje. Ed. Sam Solecki. Montreal: Véhicule Press, 1985. 70-81.

Periodical Publications

  • Obituary for Sheldon Zitner, Books in Canada (June 2005)
  • "The Better Mother," Maisonneuve (May 2005)
  • "Found Money," Maisonneuve (November 2004)
  • "Why does a Poet start writing Fiction?" Books in Canada (September 2004)
  • "My Life with Northrop Frye," Books in Canada, September 2002, 39-40.
  • "The Violin in History: Prelude to The Violin Lover." Brick 63 (Autumn 1999): 27.
  • "The Waxing and Waning of Susanna Moodie's Enthusiasm." Canadian Literature 130 (Autumn 1991): 7-26.
  • "Speaking in Tongues: The Poetry of Erin Mouré." Essays on Canadian Writing 43 (Spring 1991): 133-43.
  • "On the Line." Poetry Canada Review 11.13 (Fall 1990): 8-11.
  • "Canadian Prospects: 'Abram's Plains' in Context." University of Toronto Quarterly 59.4 (Summer 1990): 498-515.
  • "A Note on Poetry." Event 19.1 (Spring 1990): 13-14.
  • "Roberts as Editor: Shelley's Adonais and Alastor." Canadian Poetry 25 (Fall/Winter 1989): 56-65.
  • "Dictionnaire des Idées Reçues au sujet de littérature Canadienne-anglaise." Poetry Canada Review 10.2 (Summer 1989): 23.
  • "Carman's 'Shelley' and Roberts' 'Ave.'" Canadian Poetry 24 (Spring/Summer 1989): 20-28.
  • "The Ring and the Book: Fact and Fiction in Canadian Poetry." Event 17.3 (1988): 105-09.
  • "Second Person Impersonal." Quarry 37.4 (Autumn 1988): 77-86.
  • "Driving Home with John Newlove." Essays on Canadian Writing 36 (Spring 1988): 95-109.
  • "'All in war with time': The Poetry of Don Coles." Essays on Canadian Writing 35 (Winter 1987): 156-70.
  • "'Proceeding before the Amorous Invisible': Phyllis Webb and the Ghazal." Canadian Literature 115 (Winter 1987): 48-65.
  • "On Finding Oneself in Mexico." Brick 28 (Fall 1986): 47-9.
  • "Indirection: Truth to Life in Fiction." Poetry Canada Review 7.4 (Summer 1986): 28. Partly reprinted in Open Windows: Canadian Short Short Stories. Ed. Kent Thompson. Kingston: Quarry, 1988. 83.
  • "The World as Will and Idea: A Comparative Study of An American Dream and Mr. Sammler's Planet." Modern Fiction Studies 28.4 (Winter 1982-83): 569-82. Reprinted in Saul Bellow in the 1980's: A Collection of Critical Essays. Eds. Gloria L. Cronin and L.H Goldman. Ann Arbor: Michigan State University Press, 1989. 209-21.
  • "Seduction and Betrayal at the Rest Way Motel: Kent Thompson's Shacking Up." Waves 9 (1981): 89-92.

Book Reviews

  • Review of Active Trading: Selected Poems, 1970-1995 by Gary Geddes. The Journal of Canadian Poetry 13 (1998): 91-94.
  • Review of The Cinnamon Peeler: Selected Poems by Michael Ondaatje. The Journal of Canadian Poetry 8 (1993): 85-91.
  • Review of new editions of The Rising Village by Oliver Goldsmith (ed. Gerald Lynch) and The Emigrant by Standish O'Grady (ed. Brian Trehearne). The University of Toronto Quarterly 61.1 (Fall 1991): 152-55.
  • "Praising 'the form before form.'" Review of Winter by Patrick Lane. Event 19.3 (Fall 1990): 119-21.
  • Review of Coming to Jakarta by Peter Dale Scott. Journal of Canadian Poetry 5 (1990): 113-21.
  • "Distance and Desire: Two Versions." Review of K. in Love by Don Coles and Modern Marriage by David Solway. Essays on Canadian Writing 40 (Winter 1990): 147-52.
  • Review of The Jesse James Poems by Paulette Jiles. Canadian Literature 122-123 (Autumn-Winter 1989): 148-50.
  • "The Ring and the Book: Fact and Fiction in Canadian Poetry." Review of The Ballad of Isabel Gunn by Stephen Scobie and All I Ever Needed Was a Beautiful Room by Patricia Young. Event 17.3 (Summer 1988): 105-9.
  • "Songs and Soundings." Review of Winter Prophesies and Plummets and Other Partialities by Ralph Gustaphson. Books in Canada 17.4 (May 1988): 29-30.
  • "Anarchy and Afterthoughts." Review of Afterworlds by Gwendolyn MacEwen. Books in Canada 16.5 (June/July 1987): 26. Reprinted in Contemporary Literary Criticism. Volume 55. Detroit: Gale, 1989. 163-64.
  • Review of Shaking the Dreamland Tree by Nadine McInnis and Who's To Say? by Lianne Heller. Poetry Canada Review 8.4 (Summer 1987): 32.
  • Review of Candy from Strangers by Diana Hartog. Poetry Canada Review 8.2-3 (Spring 1987): 42-43.
  • Review of INSTAR: Poems And Stories by Anne Szumigalski. Poetry Canada Review 8.1 (Fall 1986): 31-32.
  • Review of A Voice Locked in Stone by Miodrag Pavlovic. Poetry Canada Review 7.4 (Summer 1986): 36-7.
  • Review of Anyone Skating on that Middle Ground by Robyn Sarah. Poetry Canada Review 7.2 (Winter 1985-86): 38-9.

Works in Anthologies

  • Frictions: Short Fiction by Canadian Women. Ed. Rhea Tregebov. Toronto: Second Story Press, 1989.


  • "'Seeing Unseen': Concealed Observation in Shakespeare's Plays." Dissertation. University of Toronto, 1984.

Susan Glickman's works copyright © to the author.

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