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Susan Glickman : Comments by Writers and Critics


"One of the finest of the new generation of Canadian writers."
The Journal of Commonwealth Literature 23 (1988): 49.

"A solid new voice of understanding and power."
Choice: Current Reviews for College Libraries 28 (July/August 1991), 1779.

About Complicity

"The best poems simply move off the pages ... and into the mainstream of what is most interesting in current writing in Canada."
   —Lorraine Weir, Canadian Literature 103 (Winter 1984): 105.

"A poet gifted in a larger measure than we are used to."
   —Robert Allen, Matrix (Spring 1984): 65.

About The Power to Move

"Glickman is a confident writer, and the metaphoric leaps she makes can give us wonderful insights into the complexities of the ordinary ... these are poems that, in all the best ways, 'delight and instruct.'"
   —Leona Gom, Event 16 (Fall 1987), 104.

"This is, in the only proper sense of that misused word, adult poetry and, to answer the challenge implicit in the book's title, yes, it does indeed have the power to move us."
   —Christopher Levenson, The Journal of Canadian Poetry 3 (1988): 62.

About Henry Moore's Sheep

"All these poems are made with art, intelligence and love. That is rare enough. What makes this book more remarkable is the beautiful simplicity and clarity of Glickman's language, an idiom at once familiar, transparent and substantial."
   —Neil Besner, The Journal of Canadian Poetry 7 (1992): 80.

"An exceptionally confident voice shaping subtle perceptions in clear, rich language."
   —Stephen Henighan, The Gazette (Montreal), 17 November 1990, J4.

About The Picturesque & the Sublime

"In addition to her skills as a polemicist, Glickman is also brilliant at close reading ... The Picturesque & The Sublime enriches our sense of the past and opens new perspectives on the present."
   —Tracy Ware, Canadian Poetry 45 (Fall/Winter 1999): 115, 117.

"The book is short, but the thinking, like the writing, is flexible and lithe, full of common sense and composed of layers of learning not paraded but effectively deployed."
   —Stan Dragland, University of Toronto Quarterly 69 (Winter 1999/2000): 246.

Susan Glickman's works copyright © to the author.

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