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Affiliations & Memberships (selected)

Other Organizational and Cultural Worker Experience (selected)

  • BS Poetry Society (BSPS), Halifax, NS. Founding Chaiperson 1986--1987. Staffperson, 1987. Development Officer, 1988.
  • Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association (APMA), Halifax, NS. Publisher member 1995--2005. Vice President, 1999--2001. President, 2001--2003. Past President, 2003--2004. Board Member at Large, 1996--1999, 2004--2005.
  • Canadian Magazine Publishers Association (CPMA), Toronto, ON, 1991--1993. The Pottersfield Portfolio publish member, 1991--1993.
  • Canadian Artists' Representation Nova Scotia (CAR-NS), Halifax, NS. Member 1987--1990. Information Officer, 1987--1988.
  • Centre for Art Tapes/Society for Art Presentation, Halifax, NS. Member 1987--1990. Board member, 1988--1989. Exhibitions Committee Member, 1987--1990.
  • Cultural Federations of Nova Scotia, Halifax, NS. Public Relations Officer, 1987.
  • Ecphore Exhibition Society, Halifax, NS, 1986--1988. Board member, 1986--1988.
  • Eye Level Gallery, Halifax, NS. Community Outreach Coordinator, 1989.
  • Fredericton Arts Alliance, Fredericton, NB. Board member, 2001--2003.
  • Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia (MANS), Halifax, NS. Copy Editor/Designer, 1989.
  • New Brunswick Crafts Council, Fredericton, NB, 2004--2005.
  • New Brunswick Filmmakers Co-op, Fredericton, NB. Member 1994, 1999--2003.
  • Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD), Student Assistant, Halifax, NS. Student Assistant, Anna Leonowens Gallery and Photography Dept, 1986 (p-t).
  • Nova Scotia College of Art and Design Alumni Association, Halifax, NS. Board Member, 1988--1990.
  • Artist's Assistant to Cynthia Kerasec (sculptor), New York, NY, USA, 1987.
  • Painting Space 122 Association, New York, NY, USA. Gallery Assistant, 1987.
  • Nova Scotia Student Aid Higher Appeals Board, Halifax, NS, 1986--1987. Board member.
  • Visual Arts Nova Scotia (VANS), Halifax, NS. Member, 1986-1991; Office/Publications Assistant Visual Arts News, 1989 (p-t).
  • Wild East Publishing Co-operative Limited, Fredericton, NB. 1988--1993. Vice-President, 1990--1991. President, 1992--1993.
  • Writers' Federation of Nova Scotia (WFNS), Halifax, NS, member 1984--1991, 1994--2004.
  • Writers' Guild of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, member 1981--1990.

Joe Blades' works copyright © to the author.

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