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bill bissett : publishing narrativ 2000

rainbow mewsik2000red deer (cd)
b leev abul char ak trs2000Talonbooks
scars on th seehors1999Talonbooks
off th road +1999cd (indie)
off th road1998cassett (indie)
loving without being vulnrabul1997Talonbooks
th influenza uv logik1995Talonbooks
vol 19 gale reserch contemporaree authors1994gale
inkorrekt thots     (2nd ed)1994Talonbooks
th last photo uv th human soul1993Talonbooks
inkorrekt thots1992Talonbooks
dreemin uv th nite     luddites1991Talonbooks
london life1991cassett
hard 2 beleev1990Talonbooks
liquid wayze     w adeena karasick1990cassett
cum ths way1990p claire
luddites198912" lp
shining spirit     w chris meloche1989cassett
rezoning     vankouvr art galleree1989van art catalog
what we have1988Talonbooks
ANIMAL UPROAR1987Talonbooks
jumping cloud1987cassett
th last blewointment poetree antholojee     vol 1 vol 21987nitewood ed
past eroticism1986gronk
canada gees mate 4 life1985Talonbooks
sonik horses1984cassett
fires in th tempul     van art galleree1984van art catalog
write me an adventur1983gronk
seagull on yonge street1983Talonbooks
sailor     (2nd ed)1982Talonbooks
northern birds in color1981Talonbooks
soul arrow1981blewointmentpress
sa n th crystal ball1981blewointmentpress
ready 4 framing1981blewointmentpress
sa n th monkey1980Talonbooks
th first snow1979blewointmentpress
pomes for yoshi     (2 ed)1977Talonbooks
th wind up tongue1976blewointmentpress
an allusion to macbeth1976black moss
plutonium missing1976intermedia
image being1975blewointmentpress
living with th vishyun1974new star books
MEDICINE my mouths on fire     (2 eds)1974oberon press
space travl1974air
th first sufi line     (2 eds)1973blewointmentpress
pass th food release th spirit book1973Talonbooks
vancouvr mainland ice n cold storage     (2 eds)1973writrs forum u k
where is miss florence riddle     (2 ed)1973blewointment
air 10-11-121972air
four parts sand     w earle birney judith copithome n andy suknaski1972oberon
RUSH what fukan theeree1972blewointment / gronk
pomes for yoshi     (1st ed)1972blewointmentpress
th high green hill1972blewointmentpress
polar bear hunt1972blewointmentpress
words in th fire1972blewointmentpress
air 61971air
drifting into war1971Talonbooks
s th story i to1971blewointmentpress
dragon fly1971weed / flower press
tuff shit1970bandit / block moss
awake in th red desert     (with 12" LP)1969Talonbooks
lost angel mining company1969blewointmentpress
sunday work (?)1969blewointmentpress
OF TH LAND/DIVINE SERVICE1968weed / flower press
wher is miss florence riddle1967luv press
lebanon voices1967weed / flower press
(Th) Gossamer bed pan     (2 eds)1967blewointmentpress
the circus in the boy's eye     w jim brown1966very stone house
fires in th tempul OR th jinx ship n othr trips1966very stone house
/ blewointment
we sleep inside each othr all1965ganglia

bill bisset's works copyright © to the author.

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